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Remember the paper I designed the other day? Well, I got carried away and designed some more after that and I used them for my second tri-shutter card! hehe! ;) This is what I call, making use of what you have and make the best of it. Coz sometimes that's what you gotta do when you don't have everything you want. You just make use of what's available and make it work! Just like what Tim Gun used to say on Project Runaway haha. :D.

Sorry the photos did not turn out as well as I wanted it......the true color of the card is the one at the bottom where you can see how the dark pink color turns out exactly the same like the real card. The photos at the top seems a little off with the colors probably because of the color of the table that reflected it's wood color onto the paper. I donno, I'm not a professional photographer and still have lots to learn about lighting effects etc.....but if you wanna know the true color of the paper, you look at the photo at the bottom ya.....that's the one that looks exactly the same.

I also added a little quilling here and there on the card and some heart shape paper I punched out with my heart shape craft punches. I hope to design more patterned paper for myself to use for my handmade cards. It's fun to play with the stamps. At least this way I'll get to use them more often.....they've been kept safe in the box for too long.....they need to go out and play! hehe! :D


YOu did fantastic with the stamps, love how the card turned out with the prints, I'd get lost on all the cuts and folds,lol!!!
Atira Aidil said…
Hye! Tira dtg lagi! cantiknya ur tri-shutter card ni.. jeles lah.. well, akak ada buat class? :)
Paula....thank you so much! Yes, the cuts and folds is pretty challenging for me too! LOL! I get confused too sometimes! hehe!

Atira...terima kasih kerana datang melawat lagi! Happy sebab Atira suka kad nih hehe. K.Lin wat kelas kat Alor Setar jer :) Tapi for now, cuma buat kelas basic quilling.
ashie said…
hi azlina i hv seen all ur creative work n i simply jst say ITS MIND BLOWING....... u r 2 gd in makng sch wonderful cardz i my self luv creative work n find fun in makng cardz........thumbz up 4u n gdluk
kiddo said…
Amazing card! It came so, so beautiful with the stamped paper! And I agree with Paula, looks very complicated to cut the paper for the card :)
Ashie...thank you so much!!! :)

Kiddo....yes it is a bit complicated with the cutting but once you get the hang of it, it's gets easier and easier :)

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