Red and black


My first order of the tri-shutter card :). Very nerve wrecking actually. Things got even more worse when I was asked to add photos inside the card and I'm just not good at making the photos look good when printed. I'm still learning how to edit photos and the progress is pretty slow. But somehow I have to make it work and make my customer happy. And this is the end result. :)

For this card, I tried to make a patterned paper that would suit the colors I was going for such as red, dark red, black, white and silver. I stamped some black dotted swirls clear stamp on white paper and then decorated it with punched out red heart shapes. You can see it at the photo above. The dotted red on white paper is a patterned paper I got from someone. I thought it would be perfect for this card. The colors matched and so I didn't hesitate to use them. 

Now I understand why my fellow card maker, Miss Azilah have had headaches before when making this tri-shutter I almost puked making this myself. It's just too much to think about really. Everything has to be balanced. It has to match up otherwise it would look weird. It took me a long time to figure out the design. Perhaps in time I'll be finding it easy to do but for now, it sure isn't huhuhehehaha :D.


fayyza said…
Hi lin,sgt cantik..nice color combinations.suke sgt!!!ur customer will love it! trust me!! :) ~jaja
Hi Jaja! Thank you so much! Really appreciate it dear! I'm so happy to hear you say that! Yay!! :) :)
Kadkukis said…
Kak Lin, cantik patterned paper yg kak lin buat sendiri tu :)

headaches tu selalunya sebab expectations. because we're going to sell the product.. kalau buat utk diri sendiri kurang sikit la pressurenye.. hehe

anyway, looking fwd for more trishutter cards from u ! :)

Azilah...thank you so much dear. I'm still learning and experimenting with making my own patterned paper hehe. It's easier to buy ready made ones! LOL!

Betul2...sakit kepala sebab nak please the customer. Kalau utk diri sendiri senang and relax jer hehe!

Insyaallah I'll be more tri-shutter cards in future...tungguuuuuu hehehe! :)
eykaa aziz said…
cantek sgt! creative la u :)
kiddo said…
Amazing card! Love the colours, the way you combined the stamped paper with quilling!
Eykaa....terima kasih banyak2! :)

Kiddo....thank you so much! Appreciate your lovely comments :)
Gorgeous card, love the patterns and the quilling adds nice touch!, I dont think I could do all the folds and cuts,lol
Crafty Diva's said…
lin..cantik la..
sgt suka itu kombinasi kaler..
✿ n0ra ✿ said…
Seriously you are one creative soul! I always keep coming back here :)

BTW, pape base tu you pakai paling tebal yer sis? OR berapa Gram yer? Thanks
Thank you Paula and Crafty Diva! Appreciate it! :)

Nora....thank you for always visiting my blog hehe :). Yes, the paper I use for the base of the card is thick - 230gsm. :)
Yuenie said…
Wow. this is lovely! all the colour and pattern combinations came together perfectly =) must have been an awful headache!
Ayu Ikhwani said…
MasyaAllah kak Lin.. seryes cantik niiiii
CC said…
How incredible all the new work you are doing! Beautiful! And some look so complicated! :)
I'm glad you added some tutorials. It's always nice to pay if forward.
You are doing a great job!
Love you!
chilly~ said…

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