Quilled butterflies bookmarks




Recently I received another order to make some bookmarks with butterflies and stars as the subject matter. My customer requested that the butterflies be in brown and soft purple in color. At the last minute she requested one more bookmark but with a color of my choice and I chose red! :)

It's a very simple design as you can see....and the stars were made using colored foams which I cut out myself. I wanted to make quilled stars and almost succeeded in doing so but I felt like they were not good enough. I still need some practice in making them so that's why I decided to use foams instead. And I decorated the stars with silver glitters. Love that effect on the star foams. :)


obrazkowa said…
Sweet butterflies: D Do you allow that borrow the idea for these butterflies.
Love the butterflies, the shapes are so perfect,the stars are nice added touch, very nice!!!
Cards by Cheryl said…
love, love, love your butterflies Lin...sometimes it is the simplest of designs that are the most perfect.
Yuenie said…
very sweet =) the foam stars were a great idea!
Mik said…
The bookmarks are very cute!! Really cool butterflies.
Obrazkowa....thank you....you can borrow the idea of the butterfly and do a layout design of your own :)

Paula...thank you so much for visiting my blog so often and for the lovely comments, so happy you love the butterflies :)

Cheryl...thank you so much....yes, it's a very simple design indeed. Love making them! :)

Yuenie...thank you so much....yes the foams are great...love using them! :)

Mik...thank you so much...glad to know you like them! I think they are cute too! hehe! :D
Indira Tanwar said…
So sweet they are :)
Hey Lin!! I have an award for you. Do visit my blog to view it :)

Cheers, Indira

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