Self-cling rubber stamps

Don't you just love a good bargain? Well I do! ;) And these rubber stamps are  really a great bargain. The first time I found out about this type of rubber stamps, was when my craft buddy Miyyah gave them to me as a gift. I was super excited about them. I think I've blogged about it as well before. You can have a sneak peak of it at the link HERE. The one she gave me was a sheet of rubber stamps that mostly  had designs of wishes/wordings. It didn't have any ink pads or rubber stamp holder in the set. But this particular one that I bought had them all included in the set. I love it coz now I have the plastic holder for me to use to stick the rubber stamps on it, which makes it easier for me to stamp with. :)

They have a variety of designs to choose from and I wish I could buy them all! LOL! :D Well, I just might do that actually hahaa.....since the price is quite reasonable compared to the other brands of rubber stamps that you can get at the craft stores which  are so highly priced. Of course they are expensive because of the high quality. But then, not all of us can afford it right? ;) 

These rubber stamps are quite durable. They are not fragile and very easy to use. They stamp well too. Love them!

Lately I think I've been buying too many stuff for my card making activities. Even though I do think I should slow down on the buying and concentrate on the making, I can't help but buy them because they are such a good bargain...hehe! Gotta get them when they are still available in the market....coz once they are sold out, there's no telling when the supplier is going to restock them so, I gotta get them when I can. :).

Not sure yet what I'll do with these rubber stamps......but I sure do hope I'll get to use them this year! :D We shall see! ;)


diyadeary said…
Hai kak..

so TRUE! sangat-sangat good bargain! I bought one too! can't resist. hehe.. wish to collect more dlm masa terdekat ni.. hehe
Yayyyy! I ada geng! hehe! Best kan Diya rubber stamps tu. I love it so much! :D
farah said…
Dear, where did you get the rubber stamp? the pattern is so nice.

email @
I'll email you the details ye Farah :)
That's so cute!! :D
I wish I have that too hehe :p

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miss Fida said…
hi lin..saya dr dulu lagi suka tgk card yg lin buat..saya mempunyai interest yg sama mcm lin jugak...kat swak, alatan utk membuat kad amatlah terhad..

di harap lin sudi menjengok blog saya untuk berkongsi pendapat dan idea untuk saya memperbaiki design card saya...TQ
Ok! thanks! I'll visit your blogs soon! ;)

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