Red hot love birds


One day I woke up with this idea to have these love birds red  in color on a white blank card . Not just red hot for the birds, but even for the branch, leaves, the tiny flower and the heart. :) I just wanted to see what it looks like on paper.....whether it looks the same as the idea I had in my vision or not. After completing it, I must say that it's the same as the vision I had in my head and I loved it. :) I'm not sure if others would agree as the colors are quite contrasting and the red color really pops from the white background.

I'm just experimenting with colors for this design. Trying to see what other colors would be suitable other than the colors I've done before. I must say that I really enjoy making this  particular design.  Somehow I just love the process of making it and how it looks in the end. Very therapeutic :).


SWEET, love the red on white back ground, turned out great!
Anonymous said…
Comel nya ! Ngee, tapi sue lagi suka yang burung tu colour puteh :DD Btw keep it up ;)
Thank you Paula! :)

Thank you Sue! Lin pun sama....I prefer the white love birds as well :)
Baukje said…
Your works is splendid beautiful!!!
Groetjes Baukje

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