Quilled designs in tool box

I received an unusual request recently from a customer who wanted a variety of quilled designs in a tool box. I had trouble finding the exact same tool box like the one I've shown here in my blog a while ago as it was out of stock at the shop. I had to search for another type that would be suitable for this order. Finally I found one that is suitable to be used to store quilled designs in it. Although it looks smaller but the amount of quilled designs that can be filled up in it surprised me. I love this tool box better than the one I bought earlier because of the space it gives me especially if I wanted to keep bigger quilled designs in it. It's wonderful :).

I decorated the tool box with paper flowers and leaves on top of it to hide some text embossed on the tool box itself. :) The tool box is actually a tool box for putting in fishing tools hehehe. But it's great for  storing quilled designs as well! ;)

For this order, I get to do some new quilled designs that I've never done before for instance like the quilled ladybugs, quilled sunflowers, quilled fringed flowers and multicolored quilled butterflies. I made so many  mini teddy bears....altogether 27 of them in 3 different color brown paper. About 200 pieces of leaves.....more than 50 multicolored roses.....15 butterflies.....11 ladybugs, 40 multicolored heart shapes, and definitely more than 50 pieces of other different types of flowers. Phew! One tool box filled with quilled designs like this can  be used to produce so many different card designs :).

Making these quilled designs was a good experience for me and I really hope my customer will love what I have created for her. I felt really sad to see it go actually...hehehe.....I wish I could keep it for myself. LOL! I think I should get another one of this tool box and make the same quilled designs for myself hehehehe..... ;)


Wow Lin that is awesome. It must have taken you a VERY long time so I hope you are compensated well for it.

What a wonderful thing to have that on hand. I have not been doing enough quilling lately. Since I got my Cricut last summer I have been using that and quilling less, LOL.

Those ladies bugs are cute as heck, I may have to give them a try. Your cupcake one was awesome too!
Thank you Christina!Yup! It sure did took me such a long time to finish this project! ehehe! But it was worth it!

Do give those ladybugs a try! It's pretty tricky to make but worth all the trouble! hehe! I love all that you have been creating with the Cricut though...good job Christina! :)
fazey said…
kak lin macam bes je tool box..
THats pretty cool idea,like it alot!
sy pon ade toll box utk objek2 yg dh quiled..senang n cepat nk wat ape2 yg terlintas utk direalisasikan..hehe...tgh sedey...mini shredder sy dh rosak..huhu..
Thank you Fazey heheh...memang best pun kalau ada tool box camni selalu :)

Thanks Paula :) glad you like the idea!

Siti...alahai, ciannyer...canna leh rosak pulak?? agaknya you shred paper yg tebal sangat kut...huhuhu
Cards by Cheryl said…
what a lucky customer...
Helen said…
they are all look so nice!

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