New baby sponge stickers

How cute are these???? Aren't they just adorable?? I just love them! I found these recently and immediately bought a few of them for my new baby card designs. This is the first time I'm gonna be using a new kind of embellishment on my handmade cards.

These cute images are actually called sponge stickers. They are stickers that are spongy and have a 3D effect when we stick them on paper. These sponge stickers are made of plastic. There are some sponge stickers that are made of sponge and fabric like materials, but this one has a plastic layer on it.

These stickers are embellishments that are great to use during times when we run out of time to make embellishments for our handmade cards  from scratch. Sometimes we need a card right away and we just don't have a lot of  time to make one so all there is to do is get a blank card and stick this sponge sticker  on it and write down some simple wordings and it's done! You got yourself a beautiful handmade card in minutes! :) Cool! 

I can't wait to use them! ;)


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