Love themed rubber stamps

I couldn't help myself! I just had to buy these! hehe! Another great bargain! :) I got them at the Popular Bookstore recently. Couldn't help but buy it because of the things they offered in this DIY set.

There's 4 cards, complete with it's embellishments and also of course, my favourite would be the love themed rubber stamps that comes together with it's ink :) Love them!

There were more rubber stamps collection there that I would like to buy but tried my level best to control myself and just pick the ones that I really would use for my card making experiments hehe. I just go crazy every time I go into these stores. Especially if there are good bargains around. It's just too irresistible! :D


fayyza ideas said… too.saw a lot of these in harris too.can't help ourselves to get's so cute...but really need to 'calm down' cos i didn't have much budget.. :(
Lin I am so happy for you :).

If you ever want some cheap goodies from the US maybe we can work something out. I have a pay pal account and wouldn't mind going shopping for you for some good bargains and sending them your way. Not sure how that really works with customs, but I know it is much harder for you to locate good deals than me.
Oh and I have been loving the love birds.
Miss Craffy said…
only at Popular bookstore? it is a must to own them!

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