Elephant sponge stickers


Elephant sponge stickers! Yes! I got me another cute strip of sponge stickers! I couldn't help myself. It's just too cute for me not to buy it so I got me one for my card making experiments hehe. This one has a fabric like texture on it and it has glitters too. Love it! It's more to elephant theme.....as you can see most of the stickers are of elephants. 

I made one card.....just a simple card that can be made using this stickers. And then I wrote "I love you" to suit those cute elephants hehe. I just love playing with my new toys! :) They are so cute!


eiela said…
suka dgn hasil craft lin. cantik,,creative. kalau beli sponge sticker nih mesti org pandang semacam je, tapi dia tak tau kita buat apa. hehe, so pedulikan je kan. janji puas hati.
Betul tu Eiela...janji kita tahu apa yg kita nak buat dengan benda tu...macam2 leh buat kan? hehe!

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