Teddy bear couple


I received an order for one of my quilled teddy bear cards but with a different twist! Instead of one teddy bear, I was asked to make two! Yup! A couple! How romantic hehe! ;)

My customer's fiance' is a sailor.....so she requested I make a sailor cap/hat or whatever you are suppose to call it for the blue teddy bear. I'm not sure of the right word for it hehehe. I quilled a hat for the blue teddy bear but it didn't look nice....so I drew one instead and pasted the hat on top of the teddy bear's head hehehe. I also added a tiny white flower sequin on top of the pink teddy bear's head hehehe! I thought it looked cute that way. Just to symbolize a girl. :)

The card had to be a bit bigger than the usual card I used for my teddy bear card designs. Because I had to put two instead of just one teddy on it. This one is 13cm x 18cm in size. Just a little smaller than the half A4 size card.

There are no wordings inside....I left it blank....but there is a paper inserted inside the card for my customer to write her own personal wishes. :)


Syima Emi said…
serius sgt cantik n creative too :):)
This is so cute Lin. Nice job.
wah sangat comel lin!!!!! iqa suke..
sure tunang iqa pun suke nanti..
hehe we all actually dh bertunang heheheheehe

yeah we all memang mr.&miss teddy
our frens bg nicknames ni kat we all..
hehe thats y suke sgt ur card tedy..

nant nk order kad busday die plak la bulan depan hehehe
bear pun nak couple jgk.. comel sgt kad tu..
Syima...thank you! :)

Christina...thank you! :)

Iqa...hehehe...sorry, terlupa plak that he is your fiance', nanti Lin buat correction hehee! Owh patutlah you suka the teddy bears, rupanya teddy bears tu dah jadi your trademark hehehe...so cute! Thank you so much for loving my design and wanting to order more from me, I really appreciate it! ;)

Fatin...ha'ah la...semuanya nak bercoupling hehehe ;)
Nur Qistina said…
wah! dah ada couple dh bear ni..comelnya...
As Ahmad said…
aww! this is so sweet kak lin! ♥
aloloolo....sweet sgt;) suka lah...
thumbs up!!
Qistina....thank u!Ha'ah...dah ada pasangannya dah hehehehe

As...thank you! :)

BFMI....thank you! :)
*Idina* said…
CAntik dan comel sangat!!!
Thank you Idina hehe....kalau suka, leh la order satu hehe ;)
aibaks said…
teddy bear ni buat sendiri ker?
Yes...Lin buat sendiri teddy bears ni :)
Jamie Au said…
Hi, I really really love this design. Could you share with me the quilling measurements please? My email is auwaisze@gmail.com Thank you so much!!
Hello Jamie! You can check out my YouTube video on how to make a two tone quilling teddy bear and get an idea of how to make one and get the measurements there too.

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