Results of the October 2010 Blog Giveaway!

Hello there my lovely readers!

Alhamdulillah, I've managed to check all the entries of last month's blog giveaway this evening. I must say that the entries for last month's giveaway is the highest so far! More than 100 people entered! Wow! Thank you so much to everyone who tried their luck at winning the quilled hot air balloon card. I really really appreciate it! :)

I've already finished making all the 10 cards for the 10 lucky winners! Woohoo! So happy about that! Usually I would take a long time to get them done and posted.....but this time I managed to get it done on time :). Last September, two winners didn't claim their prize and one winner didn't receive the prize I posted to her huhuhuuhu.....I was really sad about that. Especially since I took the trouble to make the card's time consuming etc it's such a waste when the prize didn't reach it's destination. Since I sent it using normal mail, I couldn't track and trace it. I wish I could use the registered post service, but that would cost a lot of money especially since I have to post it to 10 people. So I really hope that this time around, Pos Malaysia won't cause anymore trouble and I also hope that the winners will make sure they give me the correct mailing address to avoid any mailing problems. 

OK! So after doing the lucky draw, here are the names of the 10 lucky winners for October 2010 Blog Giveaway!!! Check it out!!











Congratulations to all the winners!!!! Please contact me at my email address below to claim your prizes. Do write your full name and complete mailing address. Please make sure you write them correctly ya, to ensure safe delivery.

Thank you so much again to all who have supported me on this journey. I am lost for words when it comes to these things. But let it be known that I really do feel grateful for everyone's support. I can't thank you enough.



yeayyy..ada nama me..tq kak lin..muaahss sejibik..hihihi..has dah emel..tahniah buat pemenang2 yg lain..
AIN said…
kak lin nk tny..ain mane tuea??saye ke??hehhe
Ye Ain...awaklah pemenangnyer hehehehe....tahniah!
Has...thank you...I'll check my mail now...congrats again! :)
AIN said…
thanx yea..
nnt ain emailkn details ok...
AIN said…
tahniah jugak pd yg mng yea..
fathiah said…
tahniah buat pemenang :)
Nur Qistina said…
Nur Qistina..yay! ada di situ..

Tq for choosing me..nanti send details eh..^____^

p/S:betulkan saya?
cik ayin said…
tahniah kpd pemenang ^_^
Miza Yusof said…
tahniah pada yang menang :)
CaDLyNN said…
yeay! menang~
thanks kak lin :)
Cute MuM said…
tahniah pada yang menang..
Kad nye memang cantikk...
nur said…
alhamdulillah.. menang.. hehe thanks lin
i'll email rite away
nur said…
alhamdulillah.. menang.. hehe thanks lin
i'll email rite away
kakyong said…
tahniah buat 10 yg menang... ;)
Mama Balqis said…
salam..k tanya betul ke saya dapat? kot nama org lain punya...
Mama Balqis...yes you won dear hehehe please send me your details ya :)
Nur Qistina...yes you won...please send me your details ya :)
kak lin, ni my TQ entry..

thanks kak Lin..
asfiedaimpiana said…
salam kak ina...

yeaaayy nama saya ada..suke nyerrr
tq yer coz terpilih nama saya =D

suke dan x sabar rasanyaa...hehehehe
Nur Qistina said…
yay! happy2x..=)

tq kak lin..yuhuu..^__^
ezkraf said…
hu3...sedey nye...x menang lg...anyway,tahniah to all yg menang,...
Asma Hazelnut....Kak Lin dah simpan your name and address. Thank you ye! :)
sazalina said…
yea!!! ada nama saza..mcm xcaya..byk kali tgok..hehe. thanks Lin..this GA can be my birthday gift to!!! ive send you my address.

asma HazeLnut said…
susah sgt mahu post comment dgn keadaan internet yg slow ni..=( penat cube berkali2..thnk you kak lin sbb paham keadaan saye..heppy jugak sbb bertuah kali ni..thnks kak lin! =)

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