Quilled red teddy bear


I'm so happy I get to blog about this quilled red teddy bear today! Yay! I made this quilled red teddy bear before the flood together with the quilled pink teddy bear I made for the giveaway....but I never got the chance to do a card design for it. So today I decided to get it done! :) 

I wanted to do a simple and straight to the point kinda card you know. Just like other quilled artists I know of online who likes simple styles. I've always make my designs look complicated, so this time around I thought I'd give it a try and do simple designs and see how it turns out. 

As you can see, I used the same clear stamp that I used for the quilled pink teddy bear. But in this design since the card itself has a smooth finish, I was able to stamp the wordings on it instead of stamping it inside the card. And I love it!! :) :) :)


Nur Qistina said…
wah! comelnya teddy tue...gemok..hehe..=) suka2x!
creative la akak.. comel sgt tgk bear tu.. ni ada org order ke akak saje try?
fathiah said…
wow.... nice one :)
Allycat said…
Lin, this red teddy is so cute, actually a bit Christmassy! Just read your post about the floods, so sorry to hear you were affected as well. Hope you are not too tired with all the cleaning up x
Fatin...thank you! Takde sapa pun order, saja akak seronok2 try buat hehehe.... :)

Thank you Ann!

Thank you Ally! Yup..I'm still recovering from the flood...still a lot of mud in and outside the house yet to be cleaned. I do it one at a time...little by little...

Fathiah...thank you!

Nur Qistina...thank you..hahah...memang tembam teddy tu hahaha
Hello Maricel...thank you! :)
littlenailofar said…
kak lin,
suka tang heart yg kan badan teddy tu...

sweet je... kalao bg mengerlip rasa2 okey tak?
Jaja....hey...that's a good idea dear!! I will give a try nanti...letak glitters warna silver ok! :)
Khushboo desai said…
the teddy bear is so cute love it
Zafran ali said…
Such a cute card!I love it.Thank,s for so nice sharing.
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