Quilled pink teddy bear


Pink teddy bear! Yup! A pink teddy bear, sending love your way. :) I made the same design with a red theme a few days ago but since I made so many pink teddy bears lately I decided to use one of them for the same design. In fact, the same design can be made using different a color scheme....It can be blue...purple,green.....any color I like :). 

You would probably be seeing more colors from the same design coming out here in my blog soon.....hehehe....coz I'm in the mood for quilling teddy bears these days.....it's all I love doing lately. It's what makes me happy.....so the more I make them....the happier I become....hahaha....I'm so silly sometimes :P.


Unknown said…
Hihi, I really love this design! Can I have the measurements please? Thank you so much!!
Hello! You can check out my YouTube video on how to make a two tone quilling teddy bear and get an idea of how to make one and get the measurements there too.

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