Quilled Christmas tree

*This is another clear stamp (Christmas wordings) that I got when I bought a craft magazine. :)


Small and cute little Christmas trees lined up! Another simple Christmas card I made last night. I wanted to make something really really fancy but I just don't have the time. So I thought of something really simple for my green and red theme Christmas card. 

I love the clear stamp I got from the craft magazine I bought some time ago. I wanted to use another design but when I checked, the clear stamp was not usable at all huhuhu. Couldn't print out anything out of it. Luckily I got another one left, which is this "Merry Christmas" wording for me to use. Sometimes free stuff are not always in good quality ya huhuhu. If we are lucky, we could get something very beneficial for us to use, if not......it's just fit for the rubbish bin.

I've been observing a few of my fellow quillers online who have tried quilling using monochromatic colors. It's just awesome! I love how they combine the different hues of colors when they make their quilled flowers, leaves etc etc. I myself don't have that many choices of colored paper available at home. And it's not easy to find them here in Alor Setar either. So, I just make use of what I have available and make the best of it. I tried making the Christmas trees using 3 different hues of green. I liked how it turned out! From bright green to dark green :). The shape of the tree reminds me of an Elf's hat! haha! :D


mangosteenskin said…
I love the christmas trees!!! and the stamp!! Weahoooo!!! the card looks whimsical lin!
:) Thank you Mango! hehe! A spontaneous design I must say hehehe
Cards by Cheryl said…
I love your trees with the different shades of green. I especially like how you shaped them.
Thank you Cheryl....I love the trees too and for the same reason. The shape of the trees reminds me of an Elf's hat hehehe!
ShwariaT said…
i agree with you on the papers...even back here in KL, it is difficult to get variety of colours. We have to shop for the papers more than 110gsm and it is pretty difficult to curl them.

I really like your christmas tree though...very lovely...
Miyyah said…
Agree with Cheryl.

I LLLLOOOVEEE the trees.. it gives that windy feel, as if there's wind somewhere.. angin sepoi bahasa gitu heheh..

the red ones give that magical, sparkly feel. Lawaaa!
Shwaria...true...I guess we have to get the papers at online craft stores perhaps. I haven't done enough research on that yet. Thank you for liking my Christmas trees :)

Miyyah...thank you dear! Now that you mentioned it, I guess it does look like there's wind somewhere blowing on the trees heehhe!! At first I thought they look like an Elf's hat hahahaha. :D
Ren said…
Hi Lin, I would like to feature your lovely christmas tree card in my website. Let me know if you are ok for me to use the photos and link back to your website.

I normally do stamping, but found quilling interesting and love your work, thinking of introducing that to my fellow crafters too!

Hi Ren...

Thank you so much! That would be really lovely. You got my permission to feature my Christmas tree cards at your website. Thank you so much again!

Ann said…
I love the card! Very cute trees - the whole design looks fresh and modern.
Yuenie said…
The trees give the card a really whimsical feel =) very creative!

nak tanye..jenis kertas ape yg paling sesuai ye..sy tgk kertas yg u gune mcm tebal n ade tekstur..??
Ann....thank you so much :)

Yuenie...thank you so much :)

Fatin....kertas apa pun takpe...tapi yg beratnya 80gsm - 120gsm ye...sebab kalau tebal sangat nanti takleh gulung. Kertas kak lin tu ada texture sebab dipotong guna paper shredder. :)
Ren said…
Hi Lin,

I featured your lovely card at


Feel free to check it out. Cheers!

Hi Ren!
Thank you so much!! I will check it out now :)

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