November 2010 Blog Giveaway

 Prizes for November 2010 Blog Giveaway:
11 quilled teddy bear cards for 11 lucky winners

Hello there my lovely readers!

Alhamdulillah......after a lot of brainstorming the past few days I finally came up with the final  card design for my November 2010 Blog Giveaway. Yay!!! And it's a quilled teddy bear! I will be running this giveaway until the end of the month. :)

I'm going to make it easy for everyone to join my giveaway. Just like how I did it for last month. Everyone can participate in this giveaway no matter where you are located anywhere in the world. I welcome your entry with open arms :). Spread the word to your friends and family about it too so that more people can have a chance at winning the prizes I'm offering. I know it's not much.....just one card each for 11 lucky winners. :) But I do need your support in order to make this giveaway a success.

All you have to do to participate in this blog giveaway is to write your name and your valid email address at the comment area of this blog post. Please don't forget to write it ya as I need your details to contact you should you be chosen as a winner at the end of the giveaway.

Ok! That is the simple step that you need to do in order to get an entry in this blog giveaway. This giveaway ends on 30th of November 2010 at 11.59pm. 11 lucky winners will be chosen by a lucky draw and the names of the winners will be announced on the on the first week of December  2010......All the best of luck to all participants! Thank you for your support!!! :)



Miza Yusof said…
miza join,

id follower: miza yusof
ekinashikin said…
nk try luck utk nov plak

aZie EsMrLd said…
join :)

name: azie
nadzirah aqilah said…
1st tyme mencuba.. hope i have a big of luck.. hehehe

id follower: nadzirah-aqilah
CIK EITA said…
si teddy bear yg comel..
will u come home with me..
Mama Balqis said…
oh comelnya teddy bear itu!!!

mama balqis
MisS NadRAH said…
second try:

my id:missnadrah
email:ctnadrah bt ismail

wisk me luck...lalala~
Anne said…
hi lin..nak join

id follower: Anne
blog url:

*Idina* said…
Nak join !!!!!!!!! =D

Thank you Kak Lin!
rise said…
1st time,ras nk try.da lama tgk saja.cantekk~ :)

name:rasdiana syazwani
Mama Zharfan said…
me trying again

name/id follower : mama zharfan
email :
nadiah said…
nak cuba GA
id : nadiah
cikanna said…
try my luck..

idI cikanna
zue_amin said…
1st time nak try giveaway nie...hope i'm the lucky one... =D

ID Follower = zue_amin
e-mail =
website =
teddy said…
I'm a big fan of TEDDY BEAR ...
hopefully I will be the chosen one

name : teddy_bear1708
email :
aQeeLah said…
last time x dpt join nape eh?hoho

As Ahmad said…
my youngest sister is going to love this! :D count me in, kak lin

as ahmad
Nur Qistina said…
yay! nak teddy bear join tooo..yuhuu..=)

name: najat

waaa....hope that me lucky this time..wanna that teddy...teddy, choose me yach! yuhuuuu..=)
Cik Sara said…
try my luck again

email :

nama: Sara
Tinie Cute said…
1st trial nih...

id : tinie cute
email :
Siti said…
sy pun nk try...

joyahLisa said…
second time joining your giveaway..but dun have luck yet..hope saye bertuah kali ni :)

name : nisha
email :
blog url :
Miss Ann ~♥ said…
Adorable Bear... Let me to have you~~!!

name: Miss Ann
sayalah! said…
what a cute bear to share with (: fell in love with it. count me in!

Hazira Hanapi
Cards by Cheryl said…
Lin...I would be honoured to receive one of your teddy bear cards. They are adorable.

Cheryl Scanks
zilla said…
nk try gak..

name : zilla
email :
nadia said…
nak try luck utk kali ke-3

email :
name : nadia
Maneka said…
Hey Lin nice card... would love to win this one..

Name : Maneka

good luck!!!
jhitomi said…
Cute cards!
Jhbalvin at gmail dot com
nak join! =) nampak comel sgt teddy bear ni.

nasuha ahamd helmi
nuraarin-life said…
kad yang sangat cute, join juga

anin said…
November is my month of happiness as my birthday is on 25th and my hubby's is on 7th..
hope to get one of this cute bear with love.. to share the happiness for november's month together

Adillah said…
Salam, Lin.
Mana tahu ada rezeki Allah nak bagi Nov ni ;). Rezeki baby nak lahir.

email :
Nama : Adillah bt Ismail
Totot said…
hani syahida said…
hope bulan ni bertuah..huhu

Name : Hani Syahida
Email :
Anonymous said…
Hi Lin! Got your card last week! I must say they look amazing! :D

Name: Alvin Darmawan
Tutik Iriani said…
Thank's for doing this giveaway! :)

Name: Tutik Iriani

ezkraf said…
nak join lg.harap2 leh menang lak kali ni...he3

my email>
nur said…
lin.. join lagi boleh kan
Syima Emi said…
me join too :)

Name: Syima Emi
Anonymous said…
salam ;)
those teddy r so cute!
name: fariza asyura
Mira said…
Trying my luck!That card is surely pretty!!

Name : N.Amirah
email :
Khushboo desai said…
hey ur teddy bear cards look so cute
trying my luck again...count me in

name khushboo
Khushboo desai said…
hey ur teddy bear cards look so cute
trying my luck again...count me in

name khushboo
Nana Farhana said…
nak try lagi..

name : nana

e-mel :
Cute MuM said…
nak try lagi sekali..

Nama : Cute Mum
Email :
AubreyLaine said…
How cute!!! I would love to use these to write my friends and family.
farhi said…
juz try my luck here..
name: farhana
areila sahimi said…
saya nak cuba untuk bulan nov pulak.

nama: areila sahimi
Miyyah said…
Lin (u're officially the giveaway queen la dear!),

Bulan ni bulan gatal tangan nak try giveaway semua orang, dan teddy buncit it sangat cute haha. aci tak join? (ngada2 ni kannn)
hehehe! This year jer I gila buat giveaway year I rehat and tunggu you plak wat giveaway hahaha ;)

Sure, you can join too! No problem! Thank you so much for participating!! :)
Huda said…
salam me nak try,

id: Huda

moga ada tuah tuk sy kali ini..amin:)
FeezaAqashah said…
mencuba nasib..klu2 ada rezeki saya untuk dapatkan card y cute dgn bear y comel kat depan tu...thats my details... ^_^

follower name: Noor Faezah Khairudin

add blog:


hopefully dpt card tu..suka sgt2.... ^_^
eifa90 said…
hye akk...akk mmg rajin ye wat g.A...
sy suke sume card akk...very2 inspiring me...

n join lg ye kali ni

email :
blog :

name sy : nur afifah
panggil sy eifa90
Nuruljannah said…

id : Ana
nak try lagi..

name: Wan Nur Fatin
Allycat said…
Love this cute teddy, please enter me as well! Shantix
Comelnyer bear..
Mumun nk satu..
kalau taknak bagi satu bagi semua pun boleh.. hahaha.. gurau jer..

id:missrivebell mumun
nadratul said…
saya join :)

ID follower - nadratul
email -
blog -
lina said…
this is my 2nd time of joining blog giveaway at Lin Handmade Greeting Cards. 1st time dulu tak dpt, sedey... Apa nak buat xde rejeki... But neway, I still following this blog and decided to join the giveaway again. Mana tahu, ada rejeki kali ni, the lucky 60... heheh

id follower: lina

Anonymous said…
i m gonna give it a try again...hopefully i will get lucky this time...
Name: Goh Gaik Po
Anonymous said…
nk try my luck. hopefully will be lucky.
Name: Ayuni
CaDLyNN said…
nak try my luck again this nov..

Name: Cadlynn
syira qahira said…
salam syira joint

id:syira qahira
anis. said…
i'm joining :)

name - anis
email -
Shida said…

saya nak join.. cute sangat tedy bear tu..

id: Shida
Anonymous said…
yeah, it's me again XD

name : swindy
email :
Henria O. said…
Cute teddy!

Name: Henria O.
email: sazzyfrazz @ gmail . com
Anonymous said…
Great blog!

Name: Cal
iZzaH faRahaNa said…
saLam...da joiN ...

Name : Izzah Farahana
id : iZzaH faRahaNa (586)
Email :

link :

buat sPecial entry toK pRomoTe lin punya blog n greetiNg carDs...huRm, nak menang boLey x...???LaLaLa...=)
☆aDihAys☆ said…
nk join jgk..

id name: aDihays

mekaseh..nnt sy tlg promote juge..
maw join after bce promotion..hik3~

name:MiSs EyeMe

my blog:

tengs dear ^^~
cik dira said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
Terri Sensibaugh
TheBubblyMe said…
Salam Lin =D

Nu'nu Safia said…
salam kak lin.... cheq pon nak join gak...

nama : cheq nu'nu
email :

thanks... =)
::Cik Zatie:: said…
count me in =)

name: Zatie

thank you kak ^^
Aikachan said…
I'm joining this for the first time~!! Tomorrow (26th November) is my sister's birthday, so I wish I could give it to her!

id : Aikachan
e-mail :
Blog url :

Insya Allah menang, Amin~!!
Kehelan said…

sy pun dh join

naam: kay
ID: kehelan
Saravella said…
Hai Azlina,

I really adore quilling craft but I dont have the talent to do quilling..hehe.. Keep up the good work dear~~ All the best!!

Name: Saravella
rfyam said…
nak join jugak!! :D

nama : ashfa ansary
email :

tq sooo much!! ^^
abby | ybba said…
name: abby

-im keeping my fingers crossed! LOL
UmmiHasni said…
i pon nak join supporter sume

kang Zakkir said…

thanks for share and thanks for visit.....

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