I'm back! :)

Dear readers of LHGC,

I'M BACK!!! Yes....I'm back at home now :). But not fully back in business yet because I've not yet fully recovered from the flood. My studio is not yet operational.  It's still in a mess due to the flood and I'm in the midst of cleaning and rearranging the stuff in my studio. I'm also busy cleaning the house that's been affected by the flood. Lots of mud to clean up inside out! hehehe! I'm very fortunate that my computer is not at all affected by the flood. Most of my craft materials and tools are safe as well. I only had very minor  flood damage on my craft materials....so I am truly grateful to God for that. Do check out my post and photos of the flood at my house at the link HERE.

I still have not yet posted the prizes to the winners of the October's giveaway....huhuhu....I was not able to post them before the flood came. Luckily all the prizes are safe from the flood! I was so worried that it all be damaged by the flood. Thank God all of the prizes are safe and will be packed and posted soon. Please do not worry ya....I am trying my best to do everything as fast as I can. I shall be posting the prizes to the winners using normal mail. Thank you to all who have responded and given me their contact details. I appreciate it! :)

I will be updating here soon on when I will be back in business again. Hopefully by next Monday I can resume back to business. I miss making cards so much!!! 


*Idina* said…
Hope everything works out well Kak lin!
tinie said…
happy cleaning Sis...my mum house kat Perlis pon kena gak...
Adillah said…
Salam, Lin.

Semoga semuanya dipermudahkan Allah. Sabar, bertenang dan ambil masa untuk rehat.
asfiedaimpiana said…
Alhamdulillah, glad to know u r back, miss to see ur design ;D
Jackie said…
Hi Lin,
Nice to have you back. I am happy you are ok and your crafts too.
Just a quick question, can you tell me how you added the multiple horizontal tabs to your blog:- craft tools, buy now etc. I have been wanting to do that but without success. If you used a tutorial can you direct me? thanks.
I am new at quilling and you inspire me so much.
Idina...thank you...insyaallah!

Tinie....hope your Mom is ok...harap ada orang tolong dia mencuci rumah tu..

Adillah...thank you! :)

Asfieda...thank you...insyaallah more designs coming soon.

Jackie...thank you! It's easy to do the tabs...just go to the Posting tab and then go to Edit Pages and add your pages there. You can add up to 10 pages per blog. Good luck!
Jackie said…
Thanks lin,
I did and its wonderful.
Hi Jackie! That's great!! So happy for you! :)

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