Back in business

What have I've been busy doing lately? My answer would be quilled teddy bears!!! Yup! I'm enjoying myself lately making those cute big belly quilled teddy bears for the blog giveaway and also some  of them I'm making for sale.

I think the most tricky part would be the part where I have to make the teddy bear's big belly. If I'm not careful when quilling it, the whole quilled belly would coil out! Then I would have to quill it all over again. That's the tricky part when quilling long strips of paper. It's difficult to keep them together in one big coil. :P

Time....I need more time.......time to make more quilled teddy bears hehehehe......because I love how they look so much! The best part about it is that it's a flexible subject matter that can be used for a lot of occasions, be it love them, baby cards theme, any occasions theme, birthday cards theme and many more. Hey, it can be used as well for weddings :). In other words, you can basically use it for just about anything you want. :)

Yes, I am now back in business. But I am moving very slowly back in business because I am really busy catching up to finish all my pending orders and because of the recent flood ,I've been busy cleaning the house at the same time. I really hope things will go back to normal again soon. 

I still am not taking any custom made orders till further notice. So if you wish to buy cards from me, you can check out my facebook fan page at the link HERE or my BUY NOW tab in this blog at the link HERE and have a look at the cards that are  for sale there. Those cards are available for order. Some I have to take time to make since they are  currently out of stock. 

Thank you to all who visited my blog and commented some really nice words of motivation and encouragement for me to move on. I really appreciate it! I need all the luck and all the support I can get! Thanks again!!!! :) 


Nur Qistina said…
wah! gemuknya bear-bear itu..anyway, welcome back! yuhuu..^^,
hehehe....ha'ah..gemuks kans? ekekeke! Thanks Qistina! :)
CaDLyNN said…
comel sgt bear2 itu~
kak lin~ da dpt adiah for Oct giveaway~ thanks a lot..cantik sgt!!!!
Lynn....thank you so much! I'm happy you like the teddy bears hehee...kalau berminat nak order, email me ye! ;) I'm happy that you received the prize already!! Yay!! So glad that you love it! :)
Cards by Cheryl said… are back in business. I am so happy for you. Us creative people always need to be doing something.

And the teddy bears are adorable....I just love them.
tamil selvi said…
stumbled upon your blog while surfing through handmade cards... your cards are lovely... and very creative...
farah said…
salam kak, akak bli quil tool kedai mana jual ek? puas jgk mencari =P
Thank you Tamil Selvi :)

Farah...please check out this link for infos on where to get your quilling tools. :) are right...we can't sit still can we? hehehe! gotta always be creating something! Happy to hear you love those teddy bears! Thank you!!
farah said…
oke kak thanks dh check huhu btw yg stamp akak guna for sending love ur way tuh stamp apa ek? akak bli kat mana?

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