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How to make two tone tear drop shape quilling flowers

We are coming close to mid February and I'm blogging about something that I did last January! LOL! It's been a month since I last blogged here. And soon enough, after this I'll be blogging a lot more on what I did last January because January was so packed with crafting activities. Unfortunately, I just didn't have the time to blog about them then.
Last year I made quite a lot of this two tone tear drop shape quilling flower for my customers. I made quite a lot of cute thank you cards for them and decorated them with this flower. I even made a birthday card with this type of flower. Since so may requested for a tutorial for this flower, I tried to make one for them. I don't always get some free time to do it, but when I do, I try to make a few if possible.
I do hope many enjoyed the tutorial I uploaded on YouTube.....and tried to make this flower your own. For those who didn't manage to check it out earlier at my YouTube channel, you can check it out at the v…

Quilled Christmas tree

*This is another clear stamp (Christmas wordings) that I got when I bought a craft magazine. :)
Small and cute little Christmas trees lined up! Another simple Christmas card I made last night. I wanted to make something really really fancy but I just don't have the time. So I thought of something really simple for my green and red theme Christmas card. 
I love the clear stamp I got from the craft magazine I bought some time ago. I wanted to use another design but when I checked, the clear stamp was not usable at all huhuhu. Couldn't print out anything out of it. Luckily I got another one left, which is this "Merry Christmas" wording for me to use. Sometimes free stuff are not always in good quality ya huhuhu. If we are lucky, we could get something very beneficial for us to use, if's just fit for the rubbish bin.

I've been observing a few of my fellow quillers online who have tried quilling using monochromatic colors. It's …


* I got this clear stamp (Christmas wordings)  free when I bought a craft magazine.
I remember years ago I made a similar Christmas design such as this. But no quilling or rubber stamping designs on it. It was really really simple. It's really funny thinking back  now how I did it because I remember not having any glitter glue to decorate the card with, so I had to apply clear glue on the card and sprinkled silver glitters on it. It was a disaster! hahaha! The glitters would drop everywhere. It was a mess. You can check that Christmas card HERE and see for yourself how I did it and compare the difference hehehehe! :D

I enjoyed making this simple Christmas card....especially the quilling part... :). It was easy to think of doing the snowman because the technique is similar to the teddy bear. I just had to change the color that's all. From brown to white :). Added the red ribbon around it's neck and added the black foam hat at the top of it's head an…

Teddy bears in love...

:) I have a big smile on my face as I am blogging about this new quilled teddy bear card because one of the teddy bears is wearing a TIE!!! hahaha!! Funny isn't it?? But I like it anyways :). I just didn't know what else to put on it and suddenly I thought of a tie....a black tie to match it with. Made from black paper which I cut out using plain scissors of course. Just a simple looking tie :).
I made this card for a customer of mine who wants to give it to her future hubby on her wedding day hehehe. Hope she likes it. Otherwise I would have to think of another design for her...hehehe. :))
I filled up the card with the teddy bears and much so that there is no space for the wordings.......then I thought of stamping the wordings inside and added two cute little hearts of red and blue to symbolize the two lovely couple :). 

Teddy bear couple

I received an order for one of my quilled teddy bear cards but with a different twist! Instead of one teddy bear, I was asked to make two! Yup! A couple! How romantic hehe! ;)
My customer's fiance' is a she requested I make a sailor cap/hat or whatever you are suppose to call it for the blue teddy bear. I'm not sure of the right word for it hehehe. I quilled a hat for the blue teddy bear but it didn't look I drew one instead and pasted the hat on top of the teddy bear's head hehehe. I also added a tiny white flower sequin on top of the pink teddy bear's head hehehe! I thought it looked cute that way. Just to symbolize a girl. :)
The card had to be a bit bigger than the usual card I used for my teddy bear card designs. Because I had to put two instead of just one teddy on it. This one is 13cm x 18cm in size. Just a little smaller than the half A4 size card.
There are no wordings inside....I left it blank....but there is a paper ins…

For the girl who stole my heart....

Remember this design? hehehe! Yup...It the same design as "The guy who stole my heart" card that I made some time ago. I thought of making a girl's version of the design hehehe.....with a purple and pink theme.

The card itself is actually metallic dark purple in color and it matched perfectly with my purple ribbon with silver lining. I just had to use that ribbon for this card! It's just so suitable for each other hehehe.
I have not made the pop up inside the card......I'm still not sure if I want to use the same pop up design like the one I did for the guy's version or should I make a different one. I can't make up my mind yet! huhu! 

Quilled pink teddy bear

Pink teddy bear! Yup! A pink teddy bear, sending love your way. :) I made the same design with a red theme a few days ago but since I made so many pink teddy bears lately I decided to use one of them for the same design. In fact, the same design can be made using different a color scheme....It can be blue...purple,green.....any color I like :). 
You would probably be seeing more colors from the same design coming out here in my blog soon.....hehehe....coz I'm in the mood for quilling teddy bears these's all I love doing lately. It's what makes me the more I make them....the happier I become....hahaha....I'm so silly sometimes :P.

Back in business

What have I've been busy doing lately? My answer would be quilled teddy bears!!! Yup! I'm enjoying myself lately making those cute big belly quilled teddy bears for the blog giveaway and also some  of them I'm making for sale.
I think the most tricky part would be the part where I have to make the teddy bear's big belly. If I'm not careful when quilling it, the whole quilled belly would coil out! Then I would have to quill it all over again. That's the tricky part when quilling long strips of paper. It's difficult to keep them together in one big coil. :P
Time....I need more time.......time to make more quilled teddy bears hehehehe......because I love how they look so much! The best part about it is that it's a flexible subject matter that can be used for a lot of occasions, be it love them, baby cards theme, any occasions theme, birthday cards theme and many more. Hey, it can be used as well for weddings :). In other words, you can basically use it for …

Prizes posted!

This morning I went out to post all the October's giveaway prizes to the 10 lucky winners. I felt so relieved that it is all settled. Now, I can concentrate fully on the November's giveaway. Lots of teddy bears to make this time around hehehe.....yup! 11 of them! At the same time, I'm thinking of what to do for the last giveaway this year....the December giveaway. Hmmm.....what shall I do...what shall I do???? Still can't decide...huhu.....perhaps when the time comes, the idea will pop into my head. :)
I have something special for my readers here soon......something that I hope you all would love. I haven't done this for a long time. I hope to do it in December for all my lovely loyal readers. It's a I can't tell you what it is yet. But do check out for it in December hehehe..... ;) 

Quilled red teddy bear

I'm so happy I get to blog about this quilled red teddy bear today! Yay! I made this quilled red teddy bear before the flood together with the quilled pink teddy bear I made for the giveaway....but I never got the chance to do a card design for it. So today I decided to get it done! :) 
I wanted to do a simple and straight to the point kinda card you know. Just like other quilled artists I know of online who likes simple styles. I've always make my designs look complicated, so this time around I thought I'd give it a try and do simple designs and see how it turns out. 
As you can see, I used the same clear stamp that I used for the quilled pink teddy bear. But in this design since the card itself has a smooth finish, I was able to stamp the wordings on it instead of stamping it inside the card. And I love it!! :) :) :)

I'm back! :)

Dear readers of LHGC,

I'M BACK!!! Yes....I'm back at home now :). But not fully back in business yet because I've not yet fully recovered from the flood. My studio is not yet operational.  It's still in a mess due to the flood and I'm in the midst of cleaning and rearranging the stuff in my studio. I'm also busy cleaning the house that's been affected by the flood. Lots of mud to clean up inside out! hehehe! I'm very fortunate that my computer is not at all affected by the flood. Most of my craft materials and tools are safe as well. I only had very minor  flood damage on my craft I am truly grateful to God for that. Do check out my post and photos of the flood at my house at the link HERE.
I still have not yet posted the prizes to the winners of the October's giveaway....huhuhu....I was not able to post them before the flood came. Luckily all the prizes are safe from the flood! I was so worried that it all be damaged by the flood. Th…

Closed for business

Dear all readers of LHGC,

I'm sorry to inform everyone today that LHGC will be closed for business till further notice. I had to make this decision because currently I am not able to take any orders from customers due to the flood that has hit my house in Alor Setar last Wednesday, 3rd of November 2010.
I am not able to update this blog often due to the circumstances therefore, if you have any inquiries, do email me and I will get back to you when I can. Please be patient as I am without internet access at the moment. I am not able to come online as often as I like anymore. :(
Thank you for your kind understanding.

November 2010 Blog Giveaway

 Prizes for November 2010 Blog Giveaway: 11 quilled teddy bear cards for 11 lucky winners

Hello there my lovely readers!

Alhamdulillah......after a lot of brainstorming the past few days I finally came up with the final  card design for my November 2010 Blog Giveaway. Yay!!! And it's a quilled teddy bear! I will be running this giveaway until the end of the month. :)
I'm going to make it easy for everyone to join my giveaway. Just like how I did it for last month. Everyone can participate in this giveaway no matter where you are located anywhere in the world. I welcome your entry with open arms :). Spread the word to your friends and family about it too so that more people can have a chance at winning the prizes I'm offering. I know it's not much.....just one card each for 11 lucky winners. :) But I do need your support in order to make this giveaway a success.

All you have to do to participate in this blog giveaway is to write your name and your vali…

Sending LOVE your way...

:) :) :) I'm so happy that I get to post this teddy bear card here today. I wanted to do so yesterday but I didn't feel well, got fever. I feel a little less feverish today and I just couldn't wait to share this with my readers! :)
I made this card especially for the November blog giveaway. It's not that complicated to do but it involves a lot of paper! hehehe! Yup! Paper for the teddy itself. But I do enjoy making it! And I'm excited as well as I get to use the clear stamp "Sending LOVE your way" that was given to me by my good friend CC. She gave me quite a few of those clear stamps for me to use in exchange for the owl cards I made for her. I still have a lot more clear stamps that I have not used because I haven't gotten the ideas yet hehehe.
The first time I made the quilled teddy bears, I made the face and body bulging outward to make it look chubby. But I realised by doing that, the card has difficulty getting into the envelope because th…

Results of the October 2010 Blog Giveaway!

Hello there my lovely readers!

Alhamdulillah, I've managed to check all the entries of last month's blog giveaway this evening. I must say that the entries for last month's giveaway is the highest so far! More than 100 people entered! Wow! Thank you so much to everyone who tried their luck at winning the quilled hot air balloon card. I really really appreciate it! :)
I've already finished making all the 10 cards for the 10 lucky winners! Woohoo! So happy about that! Usually I would take a long time to get them done and posted.....but this time I managed to get it done on time :). Last September, two winners didn't claim their prize and one winner didn't receive the prize I posted to her huhuhuuhu.....I was really sad about that. Especially since I took the trouble to make the card's time consuming etc it's such a waste when the prize didn't reach it's destination. Since I sent it using normal mail, I couldn't track and …

October's prizes done!

Finally! I managed to complete all the 10 quilled hot air balloon cards. Yay!! I really enjoyed making these babies. I'm going to miss them a lot once I post them to the 10 lucky winners hehehe. :D
To be honest, what I enjoyed most when making these cards is actually the part where I have to make the clouds. I love making them. So pure....and so so so easy hehehehe! The difficult part would be making the hot air balloons. It's quite tricky, especially when I need to glue the balloons on the card. It gets messy, luckily the mess made by the white glue does not show much on the paper once it's all dried up. Another problem I faced when making these hot air balloons is that I kept making them in different sizes. I couldn't make them in the same size. So I had to be careful with that.....gotta measure it so that at least, the sizes are nearly the same if not exactly the same. 
I already have something in mind for the November's giveaway. The idea is there...…