Tool box

I'm so not in the mood right now to quill.......eventhough I have a lot of cards waiting for me to decorate them with quilled flowers, butterflies and etc etc. I'm practically forcing myself to work right now. That's not good. Not sure what's wrong with me lately. The mood is just not there. Have I lost it somewhere? Don't know..... :(

I just wanted to share with everyone what I would usually do with those quilled shapes I've made. I kept them all in this tool box! I even keep those rejected quilled shapes  in this tool box. I didn't buy this tool box at a craft store. I bought it at a supermarket.....found it at the hardware department. There are a lot different types of tool box available in the market. But I like this one. It looks like a plastic folder except it has lots of sections in it. I bought a few of them so that I can keep my quilled shapes in it. I love it, it's so convenient!

Before I bought this tool box, I used to keep my quilled shapes in small plastic containers. All different types of  plastic food know, like margarine containers, yogurt containers, etc etc etc. hehehehe.....but they were all not easy to arrange since they were all in different shapes and sizes. So it doesn't look neat when I keep them away after work. So I guess that's why I decided to get me those tool box a few months that I can keep them stacked up nicely on the table and saves me a lot of space too. It looks so organized! hehehe.... :)


Cards by Cheryl said…
You will get your desire to quill and create back soon...I am sure of it. It happens to everyone at some point. For me sometimes it takes an organization of my craft room to get me going again. Other times it is just seeing what other quillers are doing to give you that you cute little owls. I just love them. And the funny thing is I have 2 of these same containers with bits and pieces of quilled goodies in them. They are fantastic.

It will get better
Noor Nahdi said…
Great storage method!!!
Waiting for you to contact me at so I can send eid celebration details...
mrs zach said…
Sis...camne kalau nak jadi ur anak murid? kena pergi sana ke? ehehehe. me sanggup :D
Nur Qistina said…
wow! siap ada storage..means ada tempahan just amek dan siapkan je..wah! best2x..

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