Results of September 2010 Blog Giveaway!

Hello there my lovely readers!

I just got back from my holiday yesterday evening and today I managed to check all the entries of last month's giveaway. After listing down all the names, I did the lucky draw and have chosen 9 lucky winners to win the prize of the blue 3 quilled flowers cards.

There were 55 participants for September's giveaway! Wow....I think this is the highest number of participants so far. So happy about that! Yay! Thank you so much to all who participated in last month's giveaway. I really appreciate you all taking the time to join and support it :).

OK! Here are the names of the 9 lucky winners !!! Yay!!!!

Emmy Lisdayara


Ummu Solehah Muhammad



Cute Mom

Wan Nur Fatin

Desperate Mama

Alvin Darmawan

CONGRATULATIONS TO ALL THE 9 LUCKY WINNERS!!!! I will be contacting all of you soon to get your full name and mailing address so that I can post the prizes to you. :)

I am in the process of preparing the prizes for the lucky winners and hopefully by end of this week I will be able get all the prizes in the mail. I also hope to get full cooperation from the winners in giving me your complete details as soon as possible.

For October 2010 Blog Giveaway, I already have an idea on what to give......but I am still in the process of assembling the idea on the card....hehehe.......I shall be revealing the prize soon! Till then!



tahniah buat yang bertuah..
Cute MuM said…
yeye... me antara yang bertuah....
Nur Qistina said…
congrates to the winner..^^,

sgt tak sangka kak lin ^_____^ suka sgt tau. i'll email u my complete details yea kak lin.
nEa FleriDa said…
congratz to all the winners... & congratz to me too.. yeaa.. tak sabar nak dpt kad comel akak~
nur said…
congrats to winner
Jackie said…
Yippee, thank you so much for the win, i have been admiring your cards from a distance and i can't believe I will hold one in person! I am so excited!
Alhamdulillah..x caya nya..55 contestant, 9 pemenang t'masuk my kasih...t sya antar detail sya k...
apa emel akak ekk?? nak antar emel my k :
My email is I've already emailed you....but got no reply :(. Tak nak hadiah ke dik?
Thanks !!!!:)))
ya kh kak?? masalhnya xda emel akak dlm inbox..sya pn dok tggu trus..hehe..xpa2..biar sya emel akak details sya ya..:)

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