*Photo above taken from Miyyah@Kertas Facebook fan page.

Last Sunday, 3rd of October 2010, 11 people attended the quilling get together v1.0 at KLCC. We all met for the first time at the KLCC park around 10.00 in the morning. I must say this was one of the most exciting event of the year for me. I've never been to a quilling event like this before or any kind of craft event like this. It was great that I got to meet up with craft enthusiasts who share the same interests as I do. We all somehow connected so well instantly.....and I believe it's all because of our love for crafting. 

After gathering at the park, we then proceeded to find a good place inside KLCC where we can quill comfortably. In the end, we decided to do it at KFC. :) Luckily the management did not bother us at all for quilling at their place. I bet that a lot of people who came to eat there were surprised to see us there, not eating and just quilling for hours!! I didn't eat at all......time just flew by so fast.....I didn't feel  the hunger until it was time for us to leave. I can't describe to you how hungry I was when it was over hehehehe!

Most of them who attended this get together brought their own tools, paper and other embellishments for the card making. I only managed to bring very little stuff along with me since I took the bus to KL and couldn't bring much craft stuff along with me. So luckily they were kind enough to share their craft materials for everyone to use. They even shredded the paper in advance for us to quill. Gosh! There were so many paper everywhere on the table.....so colorful too!!

Since I didn't get enough sleep the night before so when I was there for the get together, I was kinda like a zombie.....but tried my best to stay awake and alert for this event hehehe. I only managed to make one card on that day. I was super slow huhuhuhu..... I must say that those who tried their hand for the first time at quilling were wonderful! I was amazed at how quick they were at learning this technique and how creative they were too. :) I was like struggling to finish just one. Moreover, I couldn't decide what kind of design I was going to do. That's always my problem when it comes to designing.....always the case of not being able to decide what color I was going to use and how I would do the layout...... hahahaha......Below is the card I made using papers provided by Asma' and Sazalina :) Thank you girls!!

*photos above taken from Miyyah@Kertas Facebook fan page

*Noticed how the three of us dressed up in blue??!! I love it!!!! ;)

Some of those who attended this quilling get together were those whom I admired too. I remember how I started quilling in the first place. It was all inspired by Miss Najmiyyah or better known as Miyyah from Miyyah@Kertas. When I saw her blog for the first time, I was super excited especially since she is from Malaysia. Because I've never known a quilling artist from Malaysia before. I was so proud of her! :) On that day, she taught us all how to make a new technique in quilling. Something that I've never tried doing before. We all learned from her how to make the wings of a butterfly! Using what she called as the alternate loop technique. It was so cool! I loved it! But I was so slow at doing it hehehe. I need to practice more! :)

I was also happy to meet my other fellow quilling artists, Miss Asma' from Simple Rhyme whom I've been friends with online for quite sometime now. So it was so great to be able to meet her in person. Her quilled artwork has always been so beautiful and I admire her work a lot! We even get to swap cards together on that day! Yay! I am so happy about that! :)

*Here I am with Asma' exchanging words in our cards that we wish to swap with :)

I'm also happy that I was able to quill with Miss Tania :) I remember when I first started doing this online business, she was the first customer to buy my cards online. :) On that day, she managed to make 3 quilled cards! She's so fast! hehehe! She makes her own handmade cards these days and doing it well too! :) Way to go Tania!

 *Me and Tania 

I really had a great time!! I wish we can do this again one day. There were so much to say and do.....ideas to share with too. Time was so very limited. How wonderful if we can do this everyday :). I miss quilling with  all my new quilling friends :'(. I feel so blessed to be able to attend such an event and met so many lovely people. I'll never ever forget this first quilling get together.....it will remain in my memory forever.

Please visit this link HERE at Miyyah@Kertas Facebook Fan Page for more photos of the event! :)


mama zharfan said…
bestnya bila dpt berkumpul dgn geng2 yg sama minat :)
Intan Inn said…
wahhh..bestnyer dapat kumpul sama...cantik semua tue..
mangosteenskin said…
Thumbs up!! hopefully I can join you guys, one day!

I must say, everybody looked so excited and had been very creative!!!
kakyong said…
tangan2 berseni berkumpul... cantik2 la hasil kerja u all...
kakyong ni tgn pegang senduk bleh la... ;)

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