Old design in new colors


This was a last minute card for my Mom's good friend. I stayed up late the other night just to get it done. I'm glad that it turned out good. This is actually an old design but I changed the colors. I didn't have time to think of a new design...so I used an old design instead. Just some changes in colors and walla! A  new card is born. :)

You can have a look at the old design at the at the link HERE.


Cards by Cheryl said…
good job Lin....we don't always have to make new designs. Sometimes we just want to get the job done and not think about something new to come up with.
That is so true Cheryl. And a design like this one is pretty easy to play with colors too :). Very easy to make as well :) Thank you!
kakyong said…
tema warna yg ni nampak lebih sejuk..
Nur Qistina said…
cantik! warnanya sooooo cool..=)
Kak Yong...I agree with you :)

Thank you Qistina :)

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