Needle quilling tool

I own two types of quilling tools which I bought early this year. But I have only been using one of them (the slotted quilling tool - silver in color)  because it's much more easier to handle. I even made my own quilling tool using a bamboo skewer which I have been using for almost all of my quilling projects so far because it's so comfortable to hold and super easy to roll the strips of paper with it.

I've never tried using the needle tool like the one you see above (the one with the wooden handle), because I never had the patience to try it and didn't quite get it how to use it even though I've seen the video tutorials. All this time I kept thinking that it's too difficult to use. So I never used it for any of my projects until the day I went to the quilling get together when I saw with my own eyes how the other quillers used it. It looks so easy!

This is how I use my needle quilling tool. I made a video of how I use my needle quilling tool. Different people may have different styles of using it, but this is how I do it ;). Do check it out. :)

Once I've tried it, I could see the difference in the coils I've made. The paper coils are so much neater than the coils I made using the slotted quilling tool. I noticed that if I use the slotted quilling tool, there will be a  small crease in the center of the coil because the end of the paper strip is inserted at the slot thus creating a small crease there. If I use a needle quilling tool, there won't be any creases at all. I really love the effect I get using the needle quilling tool. It's especially wonderful when you are making quilled circles. The circles looks so much neater.

I feel that each quilling tool can be used for different types of quilling shapes. For me, if I want to make quilled circles from now onwards, I would only use the needle quilling tool as the quilled circles will look so much more neater and prettier. But for making quilled roses, the slotted quilling tools is much more suitable to use to roll the cut out shapes. It all depends also on which quilling tool you are comfortable with.  As for me, these are my preference.

You can see the differences of the quilled circles from the photos of the quilled hearts I made here. Can you spot the differences?? ;)

Quilled circles made using the needle quilling tool

Quilled circles made using the slotted quilling tool (made from bamboo skewer)


As Ahmad said…
nampak, nampak! if gne needle, tengah dia lebih smooth ^^ hoyeah! lepas ni bamboo stick pun takyah lubangkan. gulung jek terus kan? hehe. as try guna jarum peniti, alahai teburai pulak :( wuwu.
ye la As...kalau takde needle tool pun takpe, leh guna bamboo skewer tu :). Jarum peniti tu kecil sangat la As....susah nak pegang.
As Ahmad said…
o yeke? haha. patutla teburai =)) nak try gune lidi lak ;) kdg² as tengok ad lubang kecik kt tight coil cm comel jek ^^ ngee~
As...kak Lin dah cuba guna teknik yang sama pada lidi sate tu, tapi hasilnya takdelah secantik guna needle tool tu. Dan bila nak menggulungnya agak tak smooth la sebab permukaannya kasar berbanding dengan permukaan needle yg licin. So I suppose using the needle tool is better la. Ye la....the tiny holes do look cute ya! hehehe yg berhasrat nak memiliki needle tool ni :p
Solehah....agaknya needle tool ni ada tak ek dijual kat hardware store..huhuhu....rasanya mesti ada something like this sold elsewhere....takkan kat craft store jer ada kan...
huhuu, tak sure plak kak lin, boleh lah nak g ushar kan. kat sini [indo] punya mahal tau kalau kat stationary shop, dia jual skali ngan quilling strip, tp ada la dlm bbrp helai je, huhuu. tak patut -_-
oh ye ke...hhuhuhuhu....tu la kan...Kak Lin pun rasa kena wat research lagi la pasal benda2 ni semua...try to find a better alternative. :)
katak_78 said…
lyn buat ngan alat picit jerawat!hahaha..jadik jugek!
Alat picit jerawat???? hahahahah ye ke??? cayalah!!!

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