September 2010 Blog Giveaway

Prize for September 2010 Blog Giveaway:
9 quilled flower cards for 9 lucky winners

Alhamdulillah......I managed to come up with a design that I love for my September blog giveaway. It's already the middle of the as you all know, I'm kinda late to start the giveaway now but I have no choice because it's either I do it now or never. So this giveaway will only be running for 15 days before it ends at the end of the month.

This time around I'm going to give a new rule for the giveaway. As there are only 4 months left before my blog giveaway marathon ends at the end of the year. So I want to make the last 4 giveaways something that everyone can participate in. A lot of people are interested to join but they do not have a blog or a I'm going to make it easy for everyone to join starting this month.

Here is the rule that you need to follow in order to participate in this blog giveaway are as below:

This giveaway is open to everyone around the world, no matter where you are, you are eligible to join in. All you have to do to participate in this blog giveaway is to write your name and your email address at the comment area of this  blog post. That's all. Simple right? Just make sure you don't forget to write your email address so that I can contact you if you are  selected as the winner at the end of the month.

Ok! That is the simple step that you need to do in order to get an entry in this blog giveaway. This giveaway ends on 30th of September 2010 at 11.59pm. 9 lucky winners will be chosen by a lucky draw and the names of the winners will be announced on the on the first week of October  2010......All the best of luck to all participants! Thank you for your support!!! :)



Ummu umar said…
Salam...selamat hari raya maaf zahir dan batin..

me join ye,
Fareez said…
Saya saya may.. hee..

Mohamad Fareez
joyahLisa said…
hey hey !
i'm interested with this card yaw :)

here my url n email

url :
email :

that's it !
hope i'm the lucy one yah !
kakak, i try my luck ^o^

Ummu Solehah Muhammad
sol said…
yeay nak komen ;p


fuh2 smoga dapat kad lawa itu hehehe aminn.. :)
EZ KRAF said…
hi...erm i'm the 1st to leave a comment here rite?he3...hope to win that g/ details as below:

Norazlina Mohamad
nur said…
nak jugak..
nice sept card..

Hi hi, trying my luck, Happy Malaysia Day!
Hami said…
Hai... from Kota Singa!
First of all, I will like to say a big LUCK to ur business and ur talent in creation of all the cards. I enjoyed reading ur blogs and at the same time admiring all the cards u already achieved. Never get bored looking at all the cards that created by u!! I also loves art and card making but after I married and kids came along, my time is not on my side. But I still try create and do my own card, sadly to say not as fantastic as you! You inspire me to start my hobby again and I learn doing quilling from ur blog and copy tips from u. (hope u don't mind)
Lastly wishing u all the best in ur future and keep the wonderful, creativity and passion flowing!!
BTW,I am not joining in, as I stayed so far away.I just wanted to expressed my wish to you for quite sometime.
Lady Hami (
Slamat ari raya..hihi..nice's my details..


hope i'm the!!
Lady Hami...thank you so much! You don't have to worry about staying so far away...I accept entries from all over the world!! No worries! :) So do join ya! :)
cicakgirl said…
Assalamualaikum kak Lin,
Eid mubarak!=D
saya sertai!kali ni bunga quilled..mesti cantik!

Terima kasih.
nadia said…
selamat hari raya..

the GA very beautiful..
i hope i the lucky one..
so i can give the card to my mr right's birthday in november..;)

fazliatul nadia

p/s;u'r card very2 goges..hehehe..and very jelous because did not creative like u..
Loves your artworks!

Anonymous said… wanna join this giveaway! =)

name : Nur Sabrina Binti Mohd Shohaimi

email :
bhuvana said…
your greeting cards are wonderful and a real visual delight. the cards are so cute and so neat and cho cho cute .the give away cards are so cute and wonderful. lets see who turns out to be the lucky one!
Khushboo desai said…
your cards are the best in the whole world....the giveaway cards are so pretty....i just hope i win the giveaway card.
Anonymous said…
can i join? hm.. first time been here.. it's so interesting.. all the best yea.. ^_^

name= swindy

me nak join gak..

haszuraidah ishak

email :
Ey3 said…
Saya nak join jgak..

cik a!m! said…
1st time joining this giveaway..

irwani said…

join lg GA ni..hopefuly kali ni bertuah ;)
eifa90 said…
salam kak lin...
congrates sbb berjaye wat giveaway nie...
same to to like SEPTEMBER very much sbb my mom punye bufday...hehehe
how i love her big3 much..

by da way...
i like all ur hand made card..
sometime it give me some inspiration nk wat hand made card...
i'm falling in love stp kali tgk akak punye hasil keje...

cantik n cute....
all da best ye akk...
keep it up !!!


name : eifa90
Anonymous said…
Salam Ziarah...
Berminat Nak Joint...

Nama : NINIE
Email :
Jackie said…
Hi Azlina,
I love your cards.
Thank you all for joining! I really appreciate it! :)

Bhuvana...please write your email address...thank you!
Anonymous said…
sume kad kat sini lawa-lawa

nak join :)

ps: cmane eh nak quill the paper, must require lots of patience kan?

Nur...thank you for joining my giveaway :). Kalau nak belajar canna nak wat quilling, please check at my CRAFT TOOLS and CRAFT TUTORIAL pages. Memang memerlukan banyak kesabaran...dan boleh jadi ketagih jugak buat quilling nih hehehe....tapi BEST TAU! ;)
Asma' Ahmad said…
wow! kak lin pakai random generator ke nanti? n dh accept oversea? congrat! suke3.. nanti nk blajar dr kak lin ^^

as join
name: asma'
Thanks for joining As! Rasanya kalau terlalu ramai yg join, mungkin akak guna random generator tu...kalau tak ramai, akak guna cara lama jer hehehe....yup, akak dari dulu lagi ada terima participants dari luar negara...penah peserta dari USA menang giveaway ni...dari Sri Lanka pun penah hehehe
misz h0neyz said…
nak j0in!
nak j0in!
mama zharfan said…
count me in!!
AIN said…
suke tgk kad2 kat cinie..
lawa2 n comel..

ain join yea..
name: azreen
robot said…
salam ;)
saya nak join

Mama Balqis said…
salam lebaran, me join

asema said…
would like to join too..

name: asema
Anonymous said…
hieee...i would really love to join..i totally love the cards that you make...Goh Gaik
desperate mama said…
nak join!!!!

name: desperate mama

Cute MuM said…

Cute Mum join yer..

name: Cute Mum

Allycat said…
Hi Lin, another beautiful giveaway! I do like the flowers against a dark background. I have to learn to do giveaways as well in future!

Joining in again.
Indira Tanwar said…
Hey Lin......I join in too!!

Indira Tanwar
Cik Sara said…
Cantiknya.. nak join jugak..

Nor Saradatul Akmar Zulkifli
email :

i love september..hope i'm the lucky one!('o,')
hafizakecik said…
mau join juge!!

siti noorhafizah bt othman
aQeeLah said…
nuraarin-life said…
tak mahu ketinggalan juga, nak join

muffins Jue said…
wahh..cntekknya card..suke la Jue..nntik leh blaja ngan akak la..buat card sendiri..lg best n puas ati kn..

Jue join jugak..

Alvin Darmawan said…
Hi Lin,

I love all of your cards!!! Thanks for doing this giveaway!!!

Alvin Darmawan
nEa FleriDa said…
salam akk..

kita join jgk k..
kad2 akk smua cntik ;)
Ibu Ayra said…
selamat hari raya...

pandai awak buat kad. semua cantik2. eksklusif sangat...

Ibu Ayra
@ng said…
Hi Lin,
Just discover your blog today..
You really have a good talent for those cards!

Hopefully will get lucky this time!
Finger crossed! xx

~lonelyna~ said…
hye there^^

you're so creative..nice cards!!!keep it up:)

sumayyah said…
sukanya ur handmade cards!

-sumayyah abdul aziz-
Nur Qistina said…
saya join..yay!

Nur Qistina
LYA m@m@ ASYA said…
askum lin...
lya join jugak...
kalo ada rezeki kali ni, kad ni akan diberikan pada suami lya sempena ulangtahun pkahwinan kami pada akhir oktoer ni...

Salam aidilfitri lin...

Nama : Alyani Amran
Email :
Link :


nak join jgk..

Wan Nur Fatin
Ninii Nanaa said…
sje cube nasib XD

Nur Amanina
Anonymous said…
nk cube gak..kot2 dpt...alhamdulilah...

Nur Atiqah
Huda said…

nak cuba juga :)


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