Prizes posted!

Yay!....after so many weeks since the announcement of the August 2010 Blog Giveaway's winners, finally I  managed to get all the giveaway cards done and got them posted  to the lucky winners yesterday. Unfortunately, I'm a bit unhappy about it as well because there are 2 more winners who did not respond. You see, after waiting for 22 days, I only managed to get in touch with 6 out of the 8 winners of the giveaway....All 6 of them have emailed me their contact details so that I can post the prizes to them. I will still keep the remaining prizes for the other 2 winners in case one day, they decide to contact me to claim their prizes.

If you look at the 3rd photo at the bottom, it's actually a small gift card that I made for the winners hehhehe.....I was just playing around with my new clear stamp. It was given to me by my dear friend CC. She gave me quite a few clear stamps that I love love love so much!! But the thing is, I'm always finding it difficult to get an idea for the clear stamps.....where to stamp them in what type of design....and etc etc......hehehhehe.....I just can't decide. In the end I finally gave it a try with the "CONGRATS!" stamp. You see, I usually include a note inside each prize that I give to the winners. Sometimes I use the handmade cards that I made a while back.....but since I wanted the cards to look alike for all the winners, and I didn't have 8 available cards in hand, so that's why I made these cute ones using the clear stamps. They are so simple and fast to make! hehehehe......and cute too! hehehe :D


Asma' Ahmad said…
kemasny kerja kak lin! semua memang nampak mcm been cloned ;) the congrat card pun sgt sweet ^^

love them all!!
*Idina* said…
Yay!!!!! Thank you so much kak lin!! Gob bless~ muahks!
Intan Inn said…
thanks yer linsgtlah comel tak sabar nak tgk..hehhee
Jackie said…
congrats to the winners. Just a quick question, what do you use inside your greeting cards? some special light paper or the same paper used on the ourside of the card?
Indira Tanwar said…
Received the prize Azlina..... It's beautiful!!! Feeling really nice... Thanka a lot!
As...thank you so much..hehehe....macam kilang rasanya bila buat the same design over and over again hehehe

Idina...your welcome! :)

Intan...your welcome! :)

Jackie....the paper is a light weight paper...about 80gsm in weight :)

Indira....great! Glad to know that you have received it already! Yay! XOXO
x sabar eira nak tunggu kad ni sampai..hehe

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