Stamping origami shirts!

I got carried away again playing with the origami shirts hehehhe! Since I don't have pretty patterned papers available to make origami shirts, what I did was I made them using plain thin papers and decorate them with a flower clear stamp! I know it doesn't look like Hawaiian shirts.....because the flowers are nothing at all like the "bunga raya" (Hibiscus)'s just a simple flower pattern.

The flower clear stamp is one of the clear stamps that I received from my dear friend Sandi Staley. :) I"m having fun stamping using this clear's so easy to see where you are stamping on the paper when the block is transparent. You'll know exactly where to stamp your patterns using this clear stamp. And another interesting thing about it is that you can remove the stamp from the block and place it on any position you like on the block again. Cool huh?? 

After stamping them on the origami shirt.....I continued by coloring inside the flowers with  yellow color pencil....and added the green leaves to the flowers using a green color pen. The orange dots were made using an orange color pen. This is just an idea of how you can decorate a simple plain origami shirt. You can decorate it any way you like it with other materials too. Let your creativity out and just have fun with it!! 


Miyyah said…
Lin, since u're into shirts and dresses now hehe, here's a link u might be interested in:

It has lots of shirts, jackets, pockets, wallets etc for Father's Day (some with links for tutorials).
Azlina Abdul said…
WOW! I love the link! Thank you so much Miyyah! So thoughtful of you dear! ;)
Grace to You said…
Hey, I thought I recognized that flower! :D So glad you're enjoying it...and I disagree about the shirts not looking Hawaiian - they do!
Azlina Abdul said…
Hi Sandi!
Yup! I'm love playing with the clear stamps you gave me. They are great tools! You really think they look like Hawaiian shirts ya? Thanks!!! That means I've succeeded in achieving that look! Woooohooooo!

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