Origami shirt !

I've been wanting to try making an origami shirt for a long long time already.....in fact, it all started when my friend CC Peyton who was living in Hawaii sent me a handmade card she and her hubby made using handmade paper and a Hawaiian origami shirt she made using wrapping paper. I loved it! I always kept thinking that it was so difficult to make the origami shirt.....never believing that I could make one myself. But ever since I started to experiment on new crafts recently, I thought to myself......why not??? Why not just give it a try. At least try to do something that I actually love having and can use for my handmade cards. :)

So what I did was......I googled about the origami shirt and searched for it on Youtube for video tutorials that would show a clear detail on how to make this origami shirt. After watching dozens of tutorials on Youtube....I realised that there are not only one type of instructions on how to make the origami shirt.....there are quite a few of them!!! Gosh!! That's when I got confused on which one I would like to try out. At first I tried the simplest one......then I tried the ones that are a little bit complicated. Then in the end....I chose the ones that would suit my taste and would actually look nice on a handmade card. I wanted to share the video tutorials I love best here that shows two types of origami shirts.

The first video shows how to make an origami shirt with the sleeves folded at the end of it. It looked pretty cool that way :). The second video shows how to make the sleeves look like the real sleeves on a real shirt. It has a passage where the arms can go through. So I fancy both of these origami shirts, because of the sleeves. The other videos I checked had sleeves that were pretty common and nothing special to it. You can check it yourself on Youtube. I also have this PDF link that shows step by step instructions on how to make the origami shirt. Check it out HERE.
I've made a card and embellished it with origami shirts yesterday. I will be posting an entry about it soon!! :). In the mean time...do enjoy the video tutorials! Have fun making origami shirts ya! ;)



Grace to You said…
Can't wait to see your pics!!

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