Origami shirt card


OK! Here it is!! The origami shirt card that I made yesterday! :) I can't believe I made those origami shirts! hehehehe......After practicing it many many times....I finally get to make it look neat enough for me to embellish them on this handmade birthday card. This birthday card is another request I got from the same customer who ordered the quilled flower card that I made recently. She had to wait a long long time before I got her orders done. :(  One thing though that I like about her is that, she always wants me to surprise her with the designs......so she never request for any particular theme for any of the birthday cards she orders from me.....instead I have to figure it out myself and surprise her with new designs :). She accepts any designs.....as long as I custom made them for her. 

My Mom and Aunt couldn't stop laughing when I showed them the origami shirts......they have never seen it before.....and my Aunt thought that the birthday card was meant for a little boy. But I told her, that it was actually meant for an adult man....hehehehe.....I don't know...maybe it's those polka dots that made her think that way? But I kinda like those polka dots hehehehe.....maybe because I've always been doing a lot of stripes before....so I wanted to do something a little different this time. 

For this card.....I made the origami shirts that has sleeves that looks like a real one. You know....the one that can actually put a hand through it...hehehehe......you can have a look at it closely at the top detail photo of the origami shirt above. I made the tie using a stripe wrapping paper. You can also make an origami tie or make a tie using ribbons. I will probably make them for my next card :).

I had a hard time figuring what designs to make for the pop up inside the card.......in the end, I made a blue birthday cake and some gift boxes between it. Very simple...... :)


Asma' Ahmad said…
kak lin! it reminds me of my school life.. we love to make shirt and heart-shape origami using our RM1 (duit kertas tu) and gave it to friends.. haha!

oh, by the way, i've made it once ago and make the tie by quilled art --> http://picasaweb.google.com/lh/photo/eZp1iyBK0XrSqzmW4393FAkp6pWjAVDhz4Jy-6F0O5Q?feat=directlink

you can try it :)
Azlina Abdul said…
Asma'.....hehehe....yes, I know a lot of people have tried doing this before...it's not something new. I knew about this a long time ago too but never had the guts to try it! LOL! hehehe! I always feel that it's so difficult to do....but when I saw the tutorial, then I realise that I can do it too! I went to visit your picasa web album!!! OMG!!!! So many beautiful quilling cards you've made!!! LOVE THEM!!!!
Grace to You said…
This is adorable! (is that ok to say about a man's card? hehe) And I love the polka dots too, btw. :)
Azlina Abdul said…
Sandi...hehehe....I think the shirts looks adorable too! No wonder my Aunt kept saying it looks more suitable for a boy and not for a man hehehehe.....hey, looks like we both love the polka dots!! Cool!

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