My new toy!!!

Yay!! I've already received the hand powered paper shredder today!!! Woooohooooo!!! I'm so excited about it!! hehehehehe!! The paper shredder arrived safely to me this morning . Love the service the company gave me when I ordered this paper shredder. It's so easy to order from them and the delivery is fast too. :)

The name of the website where I got this hand powered paper shredder from is call IZUKKA.

I quickly unwrapped the box and took out the paper shredder and gave it a quick check to see how to assemble the handle and then I proceed on trying it out. It was a breeze!!! It's so easy!!! I can cut hundreds of paper strips in just minutes!!! WOW!! It's so fun! LOL!! Funny how a hand powered paper shredder can make me feel so happy ahahahahhahahahah!!

One thing that you will notice when you use the paper shredder to shred your color paper is that each of the paper strips you shred has rough textures at both sides of it made from the paper shredder's cutter. So when you coil each paper strips into quilling patterns, it will have that textured look on it unlike if you cut the paper strips using a razor blade. If you use a razor blade, the paper strips will have a smooth clean finish at the sides of it. For me, I don't really mind with how it looks. Because I think it looks ok to me even though it has the rough texture. The rough texture gives it a special touch hehhehehehe. The important thing here is that, the paper shredder saves me a lot of time and energy. I no longer have to hurt my hands trying to cut the paper strips one by one. :)

So the choice is can cut the paper using razor blades or paper shredder. I've already made a quilling card as a sample for everyone to see the difference of the quilled flower and leaves I made using the paper strips cut by the paper shredder.What do you think??? It looks ok right? Not much of a difference from using a razor blade. At least when you use a paper shredder, you'll always get the same size paper strips every time you cut them. Same standard size :). 

I love using this cute machine so far hehehehe......hope you will give it a try too! I specifically ordered it blue in color because blue is my favourite color......there are also other colors available for you to choose from. I'm so glad I bought this because this will help save me a lot of my time and energy! Wooooohoooooo!!!!!


Asma' Ahmad said…
ya Tuhan memang sbijik mcm mainan! >.< hikhik.. kak lin, as pun suke tau the pattern yang shredder tu buat. nampak lebih artistik oO!! serius tak tipu.

btw, congrat!! lepasni lajula kad2nye siap.. yippie!!
HEHEHE! As...memang betul...kecik comel jer paper shredder nih....terasa seperti main dengan mainan budak2 hehehe!! K.Lin pun rasa texture tepi paper strips tu membuatkan quilling kita nampak special and artistic..hehehe...nampak lain skit berbanding potong dgn razor blade. I love it so much!!! Memang memudahkan kerja quilling nih! wooohoooooo!!!!
yayyyy! you got the shredder alreadyyy!!!!!!
Anonymous said…
Hi, Lin.

I love the textured look. It makes a beautiful card. So glad to her a little gadget like this one is so useful!!

Blue is my favorite color too.

wah,nampak best je mesin tu...=)
Grace to You said…
I like the texture!
Mediha....YAY!!!! hehehehe

Barb! Wow! We have another thing in common! BLUE is our fave color! Yay!
Yup...the paper shredder is very it so much!

Nasuha...memang best mesin ni...suka sangat2!

Sandi...I love the texture too! :)
Anonymous said…
oooooo nice!!!!!!! I'm soooo jealous of you!!! I really want something like that but still no luck at finding one... ya Cutting strips is the thing that i most hate to do... I sometimes wish if someone cut them for me:(
God this looks pretty good at "shredding" hehehe!!! I think texure is not a problem.. it gives a "look"!!! hehehe..

Well, I'm stuck with my studies nowadays.. so no crafts!! :( can't wait to try new quilling ideas...anyway...all the best with the new "hot" tool!! hehehe!!

chami from chamicrafts:)
Chami....THANKS!!! I'm still looking for it as well as most of my readers and friends would love to buy it but currently it's out of stock at the website I bought it from. I know that there are a lot of other places for us to buy it but they are quite expensive. The one I bought is from a local website and the price is quite cheap. I hope you will get to buy one too one day. All the best with your studies and quilling too! :)
ShwariaT said…
I love the texture on the paper too. It gives the frilled look on the edges. Looks more crafty i would say. Congrats on your new toy. I managed to get the usb powered on from cineleisure, they have a lot of stock if any of you from KL would like to purchase a mini paper shredder. Make sure you check the paper size to be 3mm.

P/S I really love your crafts dear.
Hello Shwaria T... got the USB type of paper shredder? That one is more cool than mine! hehehe! I hope you are enjoying making more quilled cards now that you have the shredder. Thank you so much for informing me about the stock. I can inform my friends about it. Thanks again for visiting and commenting...appreciate it! :)
mangosteenskin said…
hi lin! mango tumpang happy lin dah tambah satu koleksi tools/machine.

ohya, since mango buat kad kecil2, i wonder how to make the envelope? do u usually diy the envelope too?
Hi Mango! Thank you! I'm loving it very much! Addicted! LOL!

Yes....for all my cards, I make the envelopes myself. I create my own templates to make envelopes for each card size. You can refer to the real envelope and see the pattern and how it's made. Or you can check for tutorials on how to make them online. It's not that difficult to do. Chaiyoo!!
zFi said…
hi kak lin, mini shredder tu beli dekat mane? nak jugakkk.... senang nak potong :)
zFi....The name of the website where I got this hand powered paper shredder from is call IZUKKA ( . You can check it out at the link here --->

But at the moment, the product is out of stock. If you are staying in KL, you can get a mini paper shredder at IT Hyperstore at Cineleisure mall at the Curve. Or you can buy it online at the link here --->

Best of luck!!
:: Dhiya :: said…
Salam, kakak!
Dhiya pun baru nak berjinak2 dengan skill ni. akak buat cantik! Dhiya sangat terinspirasi dari blog akak. Harap dapat satu shredder macam akak tu.
Ainnie Ahmad said…
For all quilling enthusiast in Malaysia, I just received my manual mini shredder today.. Bought it from here in case anybody is interested..
received the item 2 days after payment due to a little glitch with POSLAJU in my area. The personnel at the shop is very attentive n answered all queries I had. Just to share :)
ps-i searched hi n lo for the USb shredder at every possible IT shop in KL/Selangor to no avail :(
idea semulajadi said…
ainnie: just sharing, i got my usb paper shredder from here:

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