June 2010 Blog Giveaway!!!

Hello my lovely readers! It is that time of the month again when I hold a blog giveaway for my loyal readers :) For this month, since it is the month of June, month number 6.....so that means there will be 6 lucky winners who will be chosen this time around. Can you imagine that it's already the 6th month of the year??!!! I'm still not able to accept that hahahaha.....gosh how time flies super fast!!!!

Those 6 lucky winners will be receiving each one a quilled flower theme pop up card just like the photo you see above. As you all know, recently I made a poll at my blog to find out and also to help me decide on what type of theme that you would like to win for this month's blog giveaway. As the poll ended, it shows that the most wanted or most desired card by my lovely readers is the flower theme card!!! It's a clear winner!! So, this really helps me decide what card I should be making and giving away to you! Yup! I prefer to give something that you would love to have rather than give away something to you just for the sake of giving. :).

Prize for June 2010 Blog Giveaway:
Quilled roses card (with pop up flowers inside)
Size of card - 14.9cm x 14.9cm

Rules on how to participate in this blog giveaway is quite simple. Just follow the guidelines below to entitle yourself as a participant.

Here is how you can win this lovely card. You can earn an entry by following the simple steps below....

1. You must "FOLLOW" this blog / "BE A FOLLOWER" . If you are already a follower, then you can
    straight away follow the next step below.

2. Leave a comment on this post. You  can write a comment or give suggestions regards to my card blog.
    PLEASE REMEMBER ----> Be sure to also write your name and your valid/active email  
    address at your comment.

3. YOU MUST WRITE about this blog giveaway at your own respective blog and include the photo you
    see above in it as well. Don't just put the photo of the prize at your blog. You have to at least write
    about what the photo is about.  Then, link your post to this blog giveaway.  PLEASE add the URL link
    of your blog post in your comment area as well so that I can easily go and visit and read your post at your
    respective blog.

Ok! Those are the simple things that you need to do in order to get an entry in this blog giveaway. Those who fail to follow will not be included in the lucky draw list. This giveaway ends on the 30th of June 2010 at 11.59pm. I'm giving more time and chance for more people to participate! So that's why I'm ending this giveaway on the last day of June. 6 lucky winners will be chosen by a lucky draw and the names of the winners will be announced on the on the first week of July 2010......All the best of luck to all participants! Thank you!!! :)



cicakgirl said…
Assalamualaikum warahmatullah hiwabarokatuh.
Heheh..saya sertai lagi!

Terima kasih :)
cicakgirl said…
tertinggal e-mel pulak sebab teruja :)
tiefazatie said…
hye sis!im tiefazatie...

i want to try again..hihi..

i think u need to rearrange ur blog sis..or maybe centralize ur header..more nice for ur blog..about ur card themes..its gorgeous sis!..u have made a lovely cards with more unique designs from what i see..keep it up sis!wish u all da best!

this is my url


my email


tq!hope im lucky this time..=)
Monalea said…
Hai lin.hope akak leh dapat kad tu kali ni ek. Blog lin ni memang akak suka.Lin ni kreatif sangat. Kadang kadang try jugak 'niru' yg lin wat ni.Tapi malangnya tak menjadi. huhuhuhu. Ini link ye ek


emel akak

Miss Ann ~♥ said…
Salam sis...
This is my first time to try something like this..i mean the giveaway things..^_^
Okay...Let's begin..
About ur blog: the colour is okay because look soft but maybe look nicer if make it a little bit contra.then, maybe you should try rearrange ur blog. something empty at the header.look nicer if make it center..
about the card: seriously i love it bacause it's kinda cute especially the flowers. but about the green colour, maybe you can change another colour..
anyway...i'm not good with this things ^_^. just giving my opinion..keep it up, sis!


Asma' Ahmad said…
im in! ^__^

url: http://simplerhyme.blogspot.com/2010/06/lets-try-my-luck.html
email: asmaahmadbahari@gmail.com

suggestion for ur blog:
1. i guess, kak lin can make another blog header which is a bit longer and centralized; consist of variety of cards inside it.

2. and since you have been one of the most popular cardmaker online, you can share with us a special link on your history and achievements so that we can know your hardship, your awards and etc. well, this story is not for showing off of course :P but i think, you can insipre a lot more people who wants to be seccuessful as you! ;) just like me.. hehe
mama zharfan said…
me trying my luck again...me like the cards sooo much!!!


name : suzi @ mama zharfan
email : suzie284@yahoo.com
assalamualaikum w.b.t
hye kak Lin..

komen saya: design kad sangat2 cantik, pemilihan warna juga sangat menarik..cuma, kalo boleh di pelbagaikan bentuk kad dgn pelbagai saiz mungkin lebih menarik...hanya sekadar cadangan...
url saya:


emel saya:


TQ!! harap ade rezeki saya utk percubaan pertama..
nuraarin-life said…
Salam sis Lin, I join untuk memeriahkan lagi giveaway ini but of course saya nak dapatkan kad floral theme u juga..hehe

Bagi saya Lin patut tambah lebih banyak kad pada header sbb sekarang lin ada banyak teknik2 baru spt origami & quilled.
First impression adalah penting, bila header menarik lebih ramai yg akan tertarik untuk melihat kad2 yg lain



thank you
Hi Azlina

My name is Christina Brooks

email~ cardcreationsbyc@gmail.com

Site: http://cardcreationsbyc.blogspot.com

The post where i told about your blog give away is:


I think you should consider moving your followers section to somewhere on the side bar. Depending on the browser that I am using and which computer when I access your blog it takes a long time to load those and it is also a bit in your face. I think you should draw more attention to the first post rather than who follows your blog. Your cards are really the focus rather than seeing all those little avatars.

I do enjoy your blog very much. It has inspired me. I love your cards. I like reading what you have to say about them too.
anin said…
im joining

hope to be the lucky 6

i am anin
my mail: farhanin1984@gmail.com

i blogged abt it HERE
Joo Joo Craft said…
hye..nak join jugak..my url:-


my email: joojoocraft.blogspot.com


~L.o.L.i.P.o.P~ said…

me join this giveaway..


my email: wanniesmile@gmail.com

tq~~ :)
Anonymous said…
i baru jer jenguk blog u ni...
cantik2 la kad tu.... sungguh memikat hati.
i dah join your lucky draw


e-mail i

hope i ada luck utk dptkan kad yg comel itu... heheh
salam dear...

as for me..your blog is simple but nice..the arrangement of the widget and information make me very clear what types of card that you work with...

i'm joining your GA

my email: ayuarjuna@gmail.com

kopoklekor said…
me join this giveaway..


my email:yeed.izaty@yahoo.com
kopoklekor said…
me join this giveaway..

lupa lak nak g nama:
nurul izzaty binti mohd shukri


ZhEt said…
i'm joining :)



comment for blog: i think u should make the header center so that it will look nicer. that's all. tq :)
sayalah! said…
Salam Sis Lina, I'm joining your giveaway again after 5 months. hehe. Count me in. Good luckfor all your upcoming projects!

url : http://kulitcikupeyasayang.blogspot.com/2010/06/lin-handmade-greetings-card-blog.html
littlenailofar said…
first try from me.

this is my email : nailofar86_kawaii@yahoo.com (jalilah)

url: http://littlenailofar.blogspot.com/2010/06/i-wish-i-could-win-this.html

i just loved all of your 'heartwork'. it is very inspiring indeed.
sazalina said…
Lin, saza penah buat pop-up flower mcm ni.tp xmenjadi..bunga nye bertindih and xleh nak ttup kad tu. huhu..you can see it in my blog..xcantik pun..any tips utk arrange bunga tuh? thank you =)

anyway dear, i've also joined your giveaway.`wink~

my blog: http://shareyourlovewithcards.blogspot.com
waahhh!!! excited!!!

sebab ni first time join blog giveaway..sebelum ni sekadar mengintai2 je sume blog giveaway ni..


komen? suggestion?
agak2, klu ur background tukar jadi kaler itam nampak cantik kot..sebab your card dah colorful..so....mesti nampak cantik..lagi pun sebab saye suke kaler itam..itam itu menawan..ihihi~ by the way, u wat ape pun, kad u TETAP cantik!



email :

Nida said…
Salam Lin..

Nida mencuba lagi... harap2 ada rezeki... hasil kad Lin memang mengujakan dan menarik perhatian..



Pandangan Mengenai Blog:

Blog Lin ini sangat kemas dan tidak serabut mata memandang....susunan gadget juga kemas dan teratur (mesti Lin pandai mengemas).

Mungkin Lin boleh tukar header, kad2 yang telah dihasilkan oleh Lin boleh dikolajkan dan dibuat sebagai header di blog Lin..

Warna background juga mungkin ditukar ke arah yang lebih ceria..

Mengenai kad di atas:

Kad di atas sangat cantik ditambah dengan bunga ros yang sangat kemas buatannya. Pop up di dalamnya sungguh cantik dan jalinan seperti tikar itu menambah lagi seri pada kad tersebut. Lin pandai memainkan warna padanan dan ianya sangat kena dan padan serta sangat lembut. Bunga ros tersebut juga nampak 'hidup' dan sangat menawan.

Cadangan tambahan dari Nida, mungkin kontras warna pada bunga ros itu dapat ditingkatkan lagi, contohnya boleh gunakan warna merah yang terang dan pekat lagi untuk menunjukkan kontras warna yang lebih jelas. Begitu juga dengan warna daun, mungkin perbezaan kecerahan warna dapat ditingkatkan lagi.

Unsur-unsur 'glitters' juga boleh ditambah sebagai penaik seri pada kad tersebut.

Bagi pop up di dalam kad, mungkin boleh ditambah lagi dengan beberapa elemen lagi seperti fauna contohnya, rama-rama, lady bird atau sebagainya, agar ia nampak lebih 'hidup' dan seolah-olah berada di dalam taman.

Sekian sekadar pandangan ikhlas dari Nida...:)

Thanks :)
joyahLisa said…


hey there !
already join your giveaway..
hope i'm the lucky one ya..

handmade card pd pic tu da cukup cantik da..
tp lau akk letak glitter lg ok kowt..
kasi kilat2 sikit

nice blog and i'm admire your bakat la..
thisni3za said…

k.lin..saye join lagik tuk JUNE 2010 giveaway..hu3

name : thisni3za
salam kenal

rina dah jadi follower n add ur link kat blog rina

rina join ye :)

nama : Rina
email : rina_besh@yahoo.com
URL : http://rinastories.blogspot.com/2010/06/giveaway-dapat-popup-card.html
-nurul- said…
sy nk join
hope dpt kad yg cntik tu
kalu dpt nk frame kn

lakaran kehidupan ku
Wheelchair Guy said…
I'd like to try as well.
heygirl said…

saya dah sumbit..follow me too k



My Comment about ur blog is..
komen jujur neh..jgn marah

I think u should change your bground color coz it's look dark since you put much picture about flower. current bground neh buat pic tenggelam. Nice pic akan nampak tenggelam klu bground dark! that my opinion. sy pn pening2 jugak usha blog miss neh. Patut ade gap between title side bar..at least ade different font color untuk sidebar title dgn text color. template ok..just kne pandai play with color..panjang nyer komen syer..tq..feel free to visit mine too k!
dark sengal said…
hi sis.. saye pon nk join gak.. huhu

my cmment ialah... tahniah kerane di kurniakan sepasang tgn n daye pemikiran y sgt kreatif.. sumer kad y sis buat mmg lawa... saye penah try nk wat camtu tp sumer x menjadi.. huhu... anyway.. keep the good work!!!

ni link~~


my email~~

::Mamalyna:: said…
Salam lin, saya join ur giveaway...


saya cuma mampu kata 'cantiknyer kad nie lin...kaler pink, saya suka'..

tq so much!
::Mamalyna:: said…
lin, sori, terlupa kasik email...email ejan8113@yahoo.com

Asya said…
salam lin... join lagi..



** sememangnya saya terlalu mminati sesuatu y kreatif. Saya ingat lagi, msa zaman bcinta dulu selalu buat kad sendiri untuk suami. Tapi xdela secantik kad lin.

**Kalo ada rezeki kali ini, saya begitu teruja untuk berikan kad ini sempena hari perkahwinan kawan saya bersama hadiah. Bagi saya tema kad ini sgt sesuai untuk majlis perkahwinan.

**Cadangan lain... apakata kalo lin pelbagaikan bentuk kad. seperti bulat, love & sekali sekali gunakan tema kartun.. pon nice!!!
Allycat said…
Hi Lin
I would love to have one of your cards. My email is keogh2389@yahoo.com
Blog: http://paperfrills-handmadecards.blogspot.com/
I am a new blogger. Have added your link to my Blog List, will be great if you link to mine as well. Thanks for the giveaway.xx
nEa FleriDa said…
Salam akk :)

kita join lg giveaway akk kali ni..

harap bertuah *_*

Noor Faridah said…

Hi Kak Lin!! Im back! =p Can I have this card This time? Eagerly waiting to own this card and im so SERIOUS!!! as my favourite techniques has been used-QUILING!!

comment on ur blog ya, sometime i feel like it hard to get into ur blog...mayb it is too heavy ya until it take sometimes to really open everyting...previously it wasn't like that...perhaps u have to do something to reduce the 'weightage'

comments on ur cards and suggestion: overall ur works all are superb, great! n i do appreciate it a lot... n u came up very well in quiling techniques as i suggested b4...n im proud as well... =p mayb u can try anothey favourite technique on mine that is using real flowers...i dunno the actual term, but i think it so called pressed flower...n seriously the effects will b greater n more PERSONALIZED...i rmmbr making cards b4 using rose petals...n it was SUPERB!! perhaps u can start experimenting about this techniques ya!! i wil b the first to lean my eyes on ur blog then! so all the best! n tis month's theme is really great! n i really cant wait to own tis card =)

EMAIL: noorfaridah_3oriole@yahoo.com
URL: http://noor-faridah.blogspot.com/2010/06/lin-handmade-greeting-card-june-2010.html
Lupa sertakan sekali email:kolekacanghijau2@gmail.com
Assalamualaikum Kak Lin,
I'm really a big fan of yours! I love every single work of yours! Been admiring you all this while. I've finally post the June 2010 blog giveaway on my blog. I've also added you in my "Daily Latte List". Kak Lin, you should really do a tour & teach us to do those awesome greeting cards of yours. It will be so cool & I'll be the first person to be there Kak Lin! ;)
All the best & keep up the good work! We love you!

With Love,
Mediha Omar
Salam perkenalan kak,

Saya nak juga sama2 join yea..tanpa rasa putus asa..


Lin handmade June Giveaway kembali lagi

Rasa teruja nak join sekali

Kalau ada rezeki ku kali ni

Moga dapatlah kad idaman hati

Tangan kreatif anugerah Ilahi

Hasil cantik kemas sekali

Cuma pelbagaikan bentuk kad dalam saiz yang diingini

Dan kontrakan warna bunganya sekali
shidasyakirin said…

join ye


~ Ibu ZAAZ ~ said…
as salam puan rumah

walaupun dah di saat akhir, namun saya tetap mahu melayakkan diri untuk terpilih menjadi yang bertuah antara yang bertuah.

macam mana kalau kad2 yang seterusnya dibuat ikut bentuk. contohnya kalau buat corak bunga, biar lah kadnya juga berbentuk bunga. kalau gambar bola, biarlah bentuknya seperti bola.

sekadar cadangan saja ya. teruskan berkreatif.

saya : Rosliza Yacob
email: liza_yacob@yahoo.com

link dari blog saya : http://simfoni.blogspot.com/2010/06/last-day.html


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