Floral theme!

OK people! Looks like it has been decided! The poll that you've have voted have shown that the "Floral Theme" is the most favorite theme among the three themes I placed at the poll. :) 51 people voted and the results are as below.

30 people voted for the floral theme.
15 people voted for the love theme.
6 people voted for the birthday theme.

So....hopefully by end of  this week, I'll be posting an entry regarding the June 2010 Blog Giveaway. Can you believe it??!! It's already coming to the 6th month.....which means this will be the 6th time I'm holding this  blog giveaway this year!!! Gosh!! I still have not yet decided  how the design will look like. What color combination....what size.....what type of pop up to make.....etc etc.....hmmmmmm........decisions decisions! hehehe!

I noticed that a lot of people love the combination of pink and green.......that would be lovely too to make quilled flowers with that combination in mind. Well.....we shall see how it goes....since I have not yet decided on the color combination :) The card would definitely be a card that can be used for any occasion because there won't be any wordings on it. So you can use it for weddings, or as a thank you card.....or birthday card.....anything that you wish, anything your heart desires! There will be lots of quilled flowers on it and also a pop up flower arrangement on the inside. :) Can't wait to start designing it!


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