Fan fold flower

This is something that I believe anybody can do! If I can do it, so can you! hehehe! I love simple projects like this.You see, I was searching for more origami tutorials that I can do but was not able to find a simple one....most of the ones I found are quite complicated for me to try. Then I stumbled upon these fan fold flower tutorials that I find pretty interesting and can be used for my handmade cards. Love them!

I tried to make the fan fold flower using my buffalo fancy card paper.......I chose the one that is slightly thin.....there are buffalo fancy card paper that are thicker in the market. But I chose the thin one for this experiment. Then I realised that it's still a little too thick. I should have chosen something a lot thinner. I also think that if I could find a patterned paper it would also look prettier hehehehe. But for experiments, I just used anything I have available at home. In the videos, you can see that they used a craft punch to make the scallops at the edges of the fan fold flower. Since I don't have that type of craft punch, I just used a scallop patterned scissors to create that effect. But my scallops are quite small in size, so when folding it, it was pretty tricky since I had to fold them quite close to each other.

The only thing that I felt was so difficult in making this fan fold flower was the part when I had to glue the round red paper onto the purple fan fold flower.....I had to glue it on both sides of the purple fan fold flower and the purple fan fold flower kept jumping up on me won't stay put! Arrghhh! That really tested my patience! LOL! I'll try to make more of this fan fold flower using a more suitable type of paper soon......hope you guys will give it a try too! :)



Asma' Ahmad said…
kak liiiiin!! ei, geram dengan akak yang suke buat eksperimen ni tau? hahaha.. this is simple and sweet :) wa3.. m so busy this week.. miss my craft desk.. huhu~

thank you sharing! ♥
Azlina Abdul said…
Hahahahahhaha!!! Kelakar la you ni Asma'! Akak tengah kekeringan idea nih...sebab tu la dok syok wat experiment hehehhee....

Hope you can experiment this weekend!
Hazwan said…
cantiknya kad-kad tu.
Fetra said…
I have tested this and yes the problem occurred when attached the flower to the card, so I used double sided tape to keep the center firm, then put the glue around it to strengthen the shape, and after that hold the flower for sometimes until the glue dried. Quite a challenge like holding an eel LOL

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