Dry embossing - first experiment!!!

You must be wondering what is dry embossing right??? hehehe......well, this is just one of the other craft technique that I've been wanting to experiment since last year. I've seen someone doing it before but I can't remember her blog address or blog name huhuhuhu.....been trying to find her blog all morning but couldn't find it. I've bookmarked her blog in my old PC. Gosh.....I've lost a lot of good bloggers since I started using the new PC.....I forgot to keep the blog address somewhere so that I can trace  them back. Sigh......I wanted to show you guys how she did it. It's similar to what I've done but she did it better than me of course hehehe.  She has been experimenting it quite a lot and made handmade cards and bookmarks with this technique.

Well......I wanted to do this technique for a long time already but since I didn't have the tools to do it, so I couldn't do it yet. Until one day when I was in KL a few months back, I came across these tools at the same time I found the quilling tools. Same shop.....the Scrapbook Memories Craft Shop at One Utama. It's quite expensive though.....I'm not sure if they sell it at any other craft stores since I've never checked at the other craft stores yet. So.....maybe at other places you can get it cheaper....I donno....hehehe.....coz I only found out about it when I went to that particular craft store.

I just tried a simple technique......punch out a flower using a medium sized flower craft punch. Then I used the big tip embossing tool to emboss the petals of the flower by pressing on it with the big tip in a circular motion. I pressed it on a soft fabric mouse pad. After using the big tip embossing tool......I then press it again in a circular motion using a small tip embossing tool to emboss the petals further. And tadaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.......it's done! Simple ya?? The simplest ever embossing experiment hahahahaha! :D

Can you see the difference between the orange flower that I punched out using the flower craft punch and the other 3 flowers that I craft punched and dry embossed? You can see the 3 flowers that I dry embossed have that raised effect right? Unlike the orange flower that is really flat. :)

So what is dry embossing?? You can read more about it at these links:


Blue Damask said…
salam... nice! kak belum try lagi. on monday kak ada pinjam buku pasal papercraft techniques kat library... tools dah ada cuma tak terbuat lagi.
Azlina Abdul said…
Salam! Thank you! Hope to view your latest project soon! :)
Asma' Ahmad said…
wow! wow! cantik dan simple ♥ :) ad pena tejumpe satu blog ni, die gune mesin ape tah.. though memang kena ad bnd tu.. but then bila kak lin share yang ni, now i know ada cara yang lebih traditional and berkos rendah ;) tq tq tq!
Azlina Abdul said…
Asma'...thank you! Ha'ah la...kalau guna mesin Cuttlebug tu leh buat dry embossing technique dalam masa beberapa saat jer!! Amazing! Tapi since K.Lin takde duit lagi nak beli mesin tu...so buat masa ni, just experiment dgn apa2 material yg ada je laa....buat cara orang miskin...hahahaha...LOL! I hope to see you trying this technique one day ya! Jom kita experiment ramai2!
Eve said…
thanks for the video! i actually realised that I put the paper the other way round. No wonder it didn't work for me...gosh~ thanks for sharing lin!
Ayu Ikhwani said…
Wahh.. very sweet la this one :)
Azlina Abdul said…
Eve...your welcome! Glad to be able to help! :)


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