Cute cards

Ever since I got my hand powered paper shredder, I just couldn't stop shredding least a few times a day...LOL! I just love looking at how the paper shreds and drops into the transparent casing hahahaha.....silly huh??? Yup....I can be so silly sometimes hehehehe......sometimes the simplest things can give me great pleasure. :)

I tried making gift cards for myself to use and sell. My previous gift cards were smaller in size and I've never done quilling on them before. So I tried to make these for a customer of mine who loves to order gift cards from me. These gift cards are so easy to do especially since the design is so simple. And since I got the paper shredder to help me cut the's a lot faster to get the quillings done on the card. 

I don't know about what you guys think of this design but I somehow love the card just the way it is. Just one flower with a stem and two leaves. So simple and cute. This is the first time I'm experimenting doing stems using the quilling technique. I usually make the stems using colored pen. But, somehow it doesn't look as nice, so I tried to make a simple stem with brown paper....and I kinda like how it looks! hehehehe! Simple!

Quilling is definitely a simple way to decorate a plain blank card and make it look fancy with a fraction of the cost because it's all made of paper. :) I'm loving it!


Asma' Ahmad said…
aaaaaaah~~ tak tau kenapa terpikat ngn kad ni! suka!! >.< ♥♥ i guess betulla kata kak lin, quilling memang nampak lagi stunning dok atas blank paper kan? as penah try decorate atas background bercorak. tapi serious rs terbantut idea. plus, quilling kita tak berapa nak naik. huhu
Yes As...betul tu...K.Lin sokong 100%!! Akak pun rasa sesuai pattern quilling ni dibuat atas kad kosong jer... :)Kalau ada terlalu banyak pattern on the card..nanti nampak serabut.

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