Brass stencil and glitter powders

OMG! I was browsing through the video tutorials on Youtube and I found this really cool tutorial that I would like to share with everyone here. I would love to try out this technique!! So cool!!! But first I need to get me some really fine glitter powders......or perhaps just experiment with the glitter powders that I already have in my collection. The size of the glitter powders I have is a bit bigger though but I guess it can be used for this technique. Another thing I need to get is that big sticky paper.......for the glitter powders to stick on. Hmmmm......not sure where to get those yet....but will search for it at the nearest stationary store soon. :) Meanwhile.....enjoy the video!!


Grace to You said…
Wow, that's really neat! I think I may have a brass stencil around here somewhere....
Azlina Abdul said…
Yup! It's a really cool idea ya? Love it!

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