Pop up remote control car


Green! Apple green to be exact! Yup! I recently bought a rim of that apple green paper. It was the last stock in the shop it seems but I'm glad I got it because I just love the texture of the paper and the color too. Although I'm not really sure if an 8 year old boy would love that color though hehehe.....it was just something I wanted to do and in the end I kept wondering if it is actually suitable. I tried to balance the colors up inside with the colorful balloons to make it look a little cheerful for a birthday card. Gosh....I seriously need to do more research on cards for children ehehehe!! LOL!

My customer wanted a remote control car to pop up inside. I was thinking to myself...."Oh God....how on earth do I do that???". I spent so much of my time thinking and researching about it....a lot of time wasted. This is why I don't like to do custom made orders.....ONE..., because I really am SO SLOW when it comes to thinking of new ideas, TWO..., because even if I had one, I take such a long time to figure out how to do it! hahaha!! I really don't like to keep my customers waiting and waiting and waiting for the ideas to materialize you know.....so that's WHY. Unless my customers are so understanding and are willing to wait a long time for their card to be done.

And alas....this was what I came up with. I thought to myself, why not just print the photo of the remote control car and it's remote, then do a simple pop up. And then add some balloons to cheer things up a little inside. And so I did! :))) Yes, I know, I know....indeed I seriously need to do more research hahahaha...


Anonymous said…
hi azlina,

im really glad i bumped into yo blog.. coz i think its the best handmade card blog ive come across all these years... iv been making cards for abt 3 yrs now.. but its nowhere close to the ones u make... iv learnt alot just looking at yo cards... thanks 4 sharing the pictures... all the best....

Sarah A said…
This is amazing! One of my sons who it 8 next month loves this card - so you already got it right without the extra research!!

Sarah x
Azlina Abdul said…
Shaziya...Wow...thank you so much!! I've been making handmade cards since I was small but only been making them as a serious profession for the past 3 years now too. It definitely is not easy at all...a lot of challenges. I'm sure if you have a lot of practice and do more research, you will be great at it too. I know you will be!! :)) And thank you so much for your support and words that gives me so much of encouragement, I hope you can share with me your artwork as well...would love to view them one day :) All the best to you too!!!

Sarah A....Wow! Amazing to know that your 8 year old boy loves the design!!! That's just super great news for me!! Thank you for letting me know....I was kinda worried how my customer would react once she sees the card hehehe....but your words have comforted me today. Thank you!!!

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