Pop up hubby and wife.... ;)


Gosh! I'm not sure how many times I shot photos of this card design. Perhaps more than 50 times just to get the right color of the card. Phew! Luckily nowadays we have digital camera....so grateful for the invention of that! hahaha!

OK! Now back to the design....my customer was interested in the V011 design but wanted a different pop up for the card. She wanted a pop up couple (of her and her hubby). I've never done a pop up couple before. Pretty challenging I'm telling ya!! Yup! I'm OK when it comes to drawing figures of ladies but when it comes to men, I'm just not that good at it. It always looks weird hahaha. I asked her to send me a copy of their photo together so that I have an idea of how she and her hubby really looks like in real life. I wouldn't want to make them look like someone else hehehe. So I tried my best to draw the couple and make it look as similar to them as possible. Inspired by the V011 card, I made the front design for this birthday card to have some similarities to the V011 but looks more organized rather than having the heart shapes scattered all over the card without any borders. :)

Her hubby loves photography very much.....so she requested that I put a photo of a DSLR anywhere inside the card or outside it. So I thought why not have him hold the DSLR himself....that would be cool I thought to myself. So, I printed the photo of the DSLR as small as I could and made a strap for it too. So it looks like it's dangling from his neck and he's ready to take photos! hehehe! I love that part! :))))


Grace to You said…
I love the camera!! :)

And the dark background on the front of the card...makes the colors really pop!
Latika.Dot.Dot. said…
hye akak~~~
best sangat tgk hasil kerja akak. teruja sangat ika tgk.
minat jugak handmade card nie. cuba2 buat.
and inspirasinya dari blog akak le. kalau terikut2 akak punya sikit takpa kan?
tapi takkan copied all.
inspirasi! (*.-) hehe

*blog akak ika kena tgk hari2. kalau tak rasa mcm something je yg kurang. huhu :)
Azlina Abdul said…
Thanks Sandi! Yup the heart shapes really does stand out, love that effect! Looks like we both love the DSLR hehehe....and you got a real one too at home!;)

Ika....thank you so much! Boleh jer kalau Ika nak datang sini selalu and get inspired hehehe....nanti kongsilah gambar2 kad buatan tangan Ika kat blog Ika ye, leh la K.Lin tgk hehehe... ;)
Love your cards, they are so cool. I just created my first handmade greetings card too (you can see them at http://mslistologist.com/?p=811 ). It was so much fun! Now you have given me more ideas for next time! Thanks!
Azlina Abdul said…
Thank you Annette for your lovely comments....I can't wait to see what you have created!! Yay!!!
Azwani Shaari said…
Hiiiiii.. suka3.. x sabar nak tunggu komen en suami..sure dia happy kad ada DSLR, silap2 meroyan nak wide lens ngan auto flash plak lepas ni.. hehehehe :D Thanks ya!
Azlina Abdul said…
hehehe! Your welcome Wani! Lin pun harap2 your hubby suka kad ni! It was made with lots of love tau...hahahha.... :)))
HaZaR eL-DieN said…
haaaaaaaaaaa!!!! dah jumpe sorg lagi rakan kompolot my wife...huhuhu...thanx 4 da nice card...x penah lg jumpe kad yg sebegini kreatif...n x sangka gak terjumpanya dimasa my besday...thanx ya!!! luv it soooooo much!!!
Azlina Abdul said…
Hi Hazar! hehehehe!! Seronok dapat jadi rakan komplot your sweet wife! ekekeke! Yeay! Komplot sukses!!! I'm soooooo happy that you love the card so much!! Rasa seronok sangat bila kerja tangan saya dihargai...terharu sangat2!!! :)

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