Pop up flower bouquet...


A new pop up! Tried to do this new pop up design which is a flower bouquet. A pop up bouquet is not that hard to make but the hard part for me would be to arrange the flowers. I really had problems doing that. And I know that the next time I do this, it won't look exactly the same. It will have a slight difference, that's for sure. :)

The design on the outside of the card is similar to the birthday card (HB031) that I did before except that I changed the colors. I love pink and apple green combo. It's just sweet! :)


Soo said…
Hi Lin, really love your cards so much and got inspired by you too to make cards for my friends and family. I can see that you used quite a lot of craft punches for your cards. So, how do you actually maintain the punches from getting blunt? Need advise from expert here! Thank you... =)
Azlina Abdul said…
Hello Soo! Yup! I love to use craft punches a lot but not for all cards...some I just draw from scratch and cut them up with scissors. I maintain my scissors and craft punches from getting blunt by using aluminum foil sheets. Take a piece of aluminum foil and punch your craft punch through it several times in order to sharpen the edges. :))
:: Dhiya :: said…
This is very awesome! I'm very inspired from this blog.However i just about to start. Heheh... Tapi hasil tangan akak memang superb. Dhiya suka!

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