Pop up birthday cake and more!


Gosh! This is one of my favorite birthday card design now. :) The colors you see in these photos sure doesn't do justice to the real colors of the card. I'm having problems getting natural lighting here at my house. To get that perfect spot where I can shoot my artwork with ease is kinda challenging for me now. Oh well, I hope to get that problem fixed soon enough :).

OK, lets talk about the card.....ok, this card was actually inspired by one of my older designs. The idea came from the V007 Valentine's day card....and my customer was interested in that card in the beginning but he wanted it to have lots of purple shades and more cupcakes on it. Therefore I had to redesign it using a bigger card. This one is half of the A4 size paper and I even added a pop up birthday cake inside it as requested. The red balloons were a last minute decision which my customer wanted me to add in. Those balloons really filled up the empty spaces inside the card, which therefore does not leave him much space left to write.

My favorite thing about the card itself would be the purple cupcakes! I guess it's because this is the first time I made cupcakes using foam and I think they are super cute! hehehe!! ;))))) It's so easy to work with foam although I have to be careful when cutting it so that I don't waste any of it. This design sure does took a lot of time and energy but I'm satisfied with the results. Now I am a lot more confident making the pop up birthday cake as I've had to do them a few times already. But hopefully I get to do more different types of pop up birthday cakes this year so that there are more varieties for my customer to choose from. :)))


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