Lady in pant suit ;)


Lady in blue pant suit :) How I wish I have a figure like that hahahaha...... LOL! :D. I kinda like that pant suit a lot, but wonder where I would wear it to if I had one. Being at home most of the time and not having to go to functions that actually would give me the chance to wear something like that. Oh well! ;) Well, I made the dress from scratch....piece by piece, starting with the jacket, then the pants and lastly the hijab/skarf that looks like "tudung ekin" ehehehe!

I like to experiment when it comes to making cards.....and most of the time I try to make them look different from the ones I've done before. Sometimes I only do minor changes like the one I did with this pop up. Only minor changes like only putting the candles at the top of the cake instead of putting them on all the layers like I did before, just to see how it would look like. I think perhaps I should have done it on all the layers but, I just simply wanted to see how it turned out. I did patterns on the cake with pen and also silver glitter glue. That was different...never done that before.

Another thing that I like is the ribbon and laces that I combined at the front of the card. The black lace is actually a small type of lace which I glued on the card side by side each other only to be separated by a really small silver ribbon in between them. Then I made 3 bows using a dark blue ribbon that has silver linings on the edges. I like this idea......would probably do more like this in future. :)


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Azlina Abdul said…
Thanks Ruthie! :))) Appreciate your comments!

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