Fishing for love ehehe.....

Fishing for love!! Yup!! The title is as funny as the card design hahahaha...... :D I simply had to post this card here today. It's been in my collection for the past few months already but never really had the chance to join in with the rest of the collection here because it was not quite completed. Even now it's not because I haven't done the envelope yet. But if there was one it would be red in color, that's why I put the card on top of a red colored paper....hehehe.

The card design was inspired by the fishes in the aquarium that my Mom has here at our home. She loves to care for them.....they are like her babies. Even I, have been given the responsibility to care for them now, LOL! Of course there aren't any of those that are blue and red in color hehehe.....the colors of the two lovey dovey fishes on the card are kinda symbolic. Red to represent a lady and blue to represent a man. I just made the design spontaneously without thinking much about the layout....then I realized I have no idea where to put the wordings. just didn't seem right to put it anywhere. So that's why I left it as it is. No wordings at all. Let the design speak for itself. LOL!

I did a simple pop up inside.....lots and lots of love too.....all spreading upwards...floating or flying away.....hehehe. And I wrote on the two fish the words "LOVE" and "YOU", right beside the big red heart in the center, using glitter glue. Love using those glitter glue on my cards lately. It just adds that extra special touch to the card without much effort. :) This card is actually suitable to be given during Valentines Day or any other day that you wish to convey to your loved ones your love for them. A guy can give it to a girl and visa versa. So it's not just focused on a particular gender, so to speak. hehehe... It's a spontaneous design from a not so spontaneous person who is trying her level best to be spontaneous this year...hahahaha.....anyways, enjoy!!!! ;)


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