Blog Giveaway No 1

It's 2010 already! Yay! I have a lot of things stored up for my card blog this new year. New ideas to try out and there will be a few blog giveaways to be held here every now and then throughout this year. I want to do this hopefully every month so that more people stand a chance to win some handmade cards from my blog. For all the support you guys have given me all these years, the least I can do is to give back what I've received. :))))


OK! So, for the first blog giveaway.....jeng jeng jeng!!!! :D

I am going to give away to 1 lucky winner ----- > 5 Handmade cards and some embellishments.

So it could be a birthday card, gift cards, thank you cards or any type of card that I choose plus some embellishments for card making. I've been going through some ideas of which card designs I'll be giving away and I assure you, you won't be disappointed! :)

Here are the rules of this giveaway:

You can earn 1 or 2 entries by following the simple steps below....

To earn 1 entry:
1. You must "FOLLOW" this blog / "BE A FOLLOWER" and leave a comment on this post about which card design from my blog that you love the most and write down the card code. Be sure to also write your name and your valid email address at your comment.

To earn 2 entries:
1.You must "FOLLOW" this blog / "BE A FOLLOWER" and leave a comment on this post about which card design from my blog that you love the most and write down the card code. Be sure to also write your name and your valid email address at your comment. Then you must blog about this giveaway in your own blog and link my blog to yours.

*Only those who follow the rules of this giveaway will be eligible to enter this giveaway. Those who fail to do so will be automatically DISQUALIFIED!

Best of luck to all participants! This giveaway ends on the 9th of January 2010 at midnight 12.00am. A winner will be chosen by a lucky draw. The name of the winner will be announced on the 10th of January 2010. Thank you!!! :)))))



NuRuLeRnAdEwI said…
Dear Ms Lin,

I love with ur design - H001
Herewith my details

Name : Erna
Email :
SOHO Mama said…
Hi Lin! Havent been dropping comments for so long he hee...

My favourite card would of course be Blouse Full Of Sequins (HB035). Such fine details and super-neat workmanship. Really met my expectation. And my sister loved it :D

Bama said…
Hi Lin!
I love all your cards but my favourite is HB042.Your cards are all unique with fine and neat work.I have never seen anything similar to the ones you have made.Keep up with your creative work.

sayalah! said…
Holaa Sis Lin :) I'd like to join ur giveaway. Really adore ur handmade cards. I could not choose which card I love the most, but your Teacher's Day Pop Up Flowers really catch my eyes (TD003). Me likey the combination of yellow and purple! I'm sure the decoration of popup flower need lots of concentration, and woalah, you made it! Very cute flowers, love them! Wish you the best of luck in future!

Btw, I'm earning two entries, so this is the link to my blog :

Name : Nor Hazira Hanapi
Email :

Thank you (:
Sarah A said…
Assalamu Alaikum

MashaAllah you have some beautiful cards!

I will link to your blog from mine here

You can contact me through my email address

My favourite card is HB039 the twins birthday one, love how you made their hijab hehe cute!

Sarah x
~Pn Ann~ said…
Hi Lin,

Nak Join laa this Gift Away...I'm really admire you handmade cards...creative sangat-sangat...paling suka V011 and V012...a lots of love....

Teruskan berkreatif dengan Card..

-Suzana Mustafa-
Anonymous said…
hi kak lin...
azie minat dgn kad :
1) luvly card V016
2) cntk utk org yg kite syg HB031a, HB041a

azilah binti arsad
Bluerainy said…
I like V015b (with pop up hearts):)

iLa Hairi said…

Penghasilan kad-kad yang menarik.

V015b & V012a - sangat menarik
BW001 - simple tapi eksklusif
HB041 & HB041a - kombinasi warna dan corak yang lembut (sesuai buat ibu2)

Posted and followed
Anonymous said…
I have been following your blog for sometime now. I love ALL of your cards. It is really difficult to choose one. But I have to admit I love your new cupcake card very much. Card number HB048.

Barb -
jazlin said…
im a nursing student from uitm shah alam and i really adore ur skills and creativity..i was trying to google handmade card for my friend's birthday and ur blog appears on top of the list..
i dont know how to say this but i ENVY u to be blessed with the gift from god to make other people happy through your works and masterpiece..
anyway..i really want to join this giveaway but due to limited and slow networking in my campus (its typical problem when u have 5000 populations of student sharing the same wifi connection) i cant even click the link to be ur followers...gosh..i will regret this for my entire life..its a dreams come true to at least hold one of ur exquisite masterpiece :)..looking forward to join ur next giveaway with better internet connections.anyhow..i do like all ur cards!really..v012B, Hbo45 to list some..i just love handmade i realize i've spend almost my day to read all ur post and rant in both of ur blogs..great job!keep it up...

i appreciate ur arts..
thanks for making my day..

ur currently biggest fan.
Anonymous said…
salam k.lin..
1st-taniah ats pencapaian skg..
2nd- sy sgt2 berminat dgn stiap design kad k.lin sehingga mmbuatkan sy tringin sgt nk tau siapakah empunya blog dn trus membelek blog pribadi k.lin.. skg sy da pn jd salah sorg pengikut setia k.lin! :)
3rd-tentu lah nk joint blog giveaway k.lin.. sy sukakn hasil tgn k.lin cz kebyakannya berkonsep. cth: kad twin girls, love card, cupcakes byk lg la...dan yg paling2 menawan hati sy kad golf HB036 yg sgt unik, birthday cd HB009 C cute sgt2,dn twin girls HB039 dgn 2 gadis bertudung..hmm..dan sy akui yg hasil kerja k.lin sgt2 unik dan patut diperluaskan...smoga lebih berjaya!!


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