Arsenal Fan!!


Just finished designing and making this card today! Yay! I did it finally! Phew! I was really worried with this one because this design is actually a combination of so many different design I made in the past all mixed into one. My customer was interested in so many of my card designs and she couldn't really fix which one she loves best hehehe. This card is for her hubby and her hubby is a big Arsenal fan! So I had to figure out how to do a combination of heart shapes, football, pop up cake, big red lips, just to name a few of the subjects she wanted in the card...hehehe...

I love this new black paper I am using for this design. It's metallic black....looks shiny when it hits the it! So it doesn't really look pitch black....because it has some silver touch to it. :) I always have problems deciding what color I should use....but since my customer wanted the card to be black, that's when I knew what color to combine with black. As usual black always looks good with white, red, silver and gold.....and it seems to mix well for this design. I had to add a little blue here and there because of the Arsenal logo. :)

I made a really really big pop up cake this's so big that it almost fills up the top of the card. It's really tall right??? A bit too tall I suppose. Should have made it a little shorter but I wanted it to have a big impact in the card! hehehe! I love the small football prints I did's SO CUTE! Never printed it as small as that before. It would be difficult to draw it from scratch so I thought why not just print it! Easier that way....and then cut and paste them on the card, and arrange them as part of the design. The most crucial part to do in this design, for me would be the part where I had to write the wordings on the front of the card. The wordings "Happy Birthday Abang Sayang"....that was so nerve wrecking because, if I suddenly start shaking, my hands, it would spoil everything!!! Yikes! So I had to make sure I had a steady hand before writing it down! hahaha! Thank God it went well and it looked good! Phew!!! :)


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