Best wishes....


I am pretty excited about this new design :) I was experimenting with another one of my new flower and leaf craft punch again. Gosh....I think I've bought quite a lot of craft punches this year hehehe.....oh well! The reason why I did that was because I noticed that if I don't buy them when those particular designs are available, the next time I want to buy them at the craft shop, they're sold out!! So better get them while they are still available in stock! hehehe....

What I love about the design this time is the medium sized black and red ribbon. It has a beautiful design on it. Quite expensive though......huhuhuhu.....but I bought it anyways, couldn't help myself!! hahaha! I try to play with the colors that are available on the ribbon and find papers that match it. The stripe design below the ribbon are actually strips of black and red paper that I glued on to the card piece by piece. It was very tricky and I needed to make sure that it is glued on it properly and looks neat and straight.

The wordings "Best Wishes" was actually made using a rubber stamp that I bought a long time ago.....I never used it before in my card designs....but now that I have the ink pads, I can try it. Fun! :)

The pop up inside the card is a simple pop up......a box pop up I made which I later pasted with a pot of flower arrangement that I made using the same flower and leaf craft punch. I layered the three colored paper flowers together and added the leaves in was kinda tricky to make the flower arrangement....but it worked out in the end. Phew! :)


ila said…
sgt comel and kemas!

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