Pink and green ketupat ribbon card


The pink and soft green ketupat ribbon card! Yup! I had a hard time thinking of how to arrange the ketupat in other I came up with this idea. I placed the printed wordings on top and the ketupat below it. Oh well! So much for an idea! hahaha! LOL! Honestly for me, I have been having a hard time making raya cards......ideas are just not coming out as they should be and problems with my PC and printer is making it worse. I have to improvise and make do with what is available at hand.

This card has no wordings on the inside as you can see....and I can't print it either!! The printer is not working. Yikes! Just when I need it the most, that's when it decides to stop functioning! Urrgghh! Oh well!!

I have been figuring out where is the best place to shoot the photos as well.....sometimes it looks nice but sometimes it doesn't. But I do my best to make it work. I hope you will be able to see the photos of the card well here. The colors may not be that clear but at least you have an idea of how it looks like hehehe........hope you guys like it!


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