HR006 (vertical) and HR007 (horizontal)

I tried.....I really did.....but all that came out from the trials were these two designs that looks just a little too simple hehehe. I made these two cards last night after thinking hard on how to go about it hehehe......I made a few other designs but I hated how they looked and can only be happy with the ones I am posting here. As you can see I wrote the wordings on the card myself instead of printing it just to see how it looks :) I still think if I print it, it will look better but I'm just experimenting this time around with my own handwriting hehehe....

I find it kinda awkward working in this new place too :S....I'm still trying to adjust to the new working environment. Since I haven't been working for almost 3 months now, I find it quite challenging when I start working again. I'm also searching for the best spot in the house where I can take the photos of the cards. So far I haven't found a comfortable spot yet you can see the photos I took did not turn out that nice huhuhuhu.......Suddenly I find myself lost.....don't know where to start.....blurred and dizzy all at the same time hehehee......hopefully in time I will be alright.....but at the same time I'm so scared because a lot of people are putting such high hopes on me to produce something really pretty for them and all I can come up with is these two simple designs huhuhuhuhu.......I'm feeling the pressure now :S. Yikes!

Even though these designs are simple, I'm actually thinking of creating more of these in different color combination......hehehe...well, that's me....just love playing around with colors.... ;)

These cards are quite small in size. It's 10.4cm x 14.7cm and is left blank on the inside. I haven't made any envelopes yet for these cards but the envelopes can be soft blue or beige in color. Either two colors are suitable for the cards. I really appreciate any suggestions from everyone about the designs. It will help me to improve whatever needs improving hehehe......thank you!



taz said…
cantik sangat kak lin. and the handwriting too. really suits the theme. :)
zulaikha said…
hi Lin...lovely card..i nak try buat raya card I guna scrap materials je..will let u comment on them bila dah siap ok..)tatau biler..hopefully soon..ehehe)..
Azlina Abdul said… ke? Akak rasa biasa ja design ni...tak meletop pun's simple like me hehe...thanks ya!

Zulaikha...orait, set! Let me know nanti ye bila your raya cards dah siap ;) Thanks!!

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