Green & yellow ketupat ribbon cards



Yes! I finally did this! A ketupat ribbon card! I've wanted to do this technique for quite sometime now. I had this idea in my head of making a "ketupat" using ribbons but was trying to find an easy way of doing it. Finally I got it and am thinking of making more of it in different colors. As usual I love to play with colors's fun! More ketupat ribbon cards coming soon! ;)


taz said…
kak, the ketupat is so lovely :) taz ada buat kad raya ketupat jugak tapi just guna riben yg corak kotak2 je. tak pandai la nak buat mcm ni.huhu. neway nice job kak. love it :D
Azlina Abdul said…
Thanks Taz! Cannot wait to see your creation soon :)
aZeeMaH said…
yg ni pon sama harga ke? (rm 5.00)
Azlina Abdul said…
Hi Azeemah....yeah, harganya sama... :)
Dania's Mom said…
Salam Lynn..saya dah upload cards yg saya dah buat..mainly i used scrapt materials..kad2 lama di recycle n i just touch up here n there with other stuff..:)..
btw, love the ketupat! cantik sangat!:)
Dania's Mom said…
lupe nak kasik url :
:)..tengiklah ye..leh kasi komen membina :)
CC said…
I don't know what a ketupat is, but it's beautiful! Now you'll have to share how to do that fancy ribbon work! BEAUTIFUL! Love em!
Azlina Abdul said…
It's a simple weave dear! I know you can do it's super easy hehehe....I will show you how to do it.. :) The ketupat is white rice wrapped and cooked in the weaved coconut leaves. We eat it with spicy peanut sauce during the's one of the special food we serve during that time of celebration. :)

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