Back to work......

Ok....I am back in Alor Setar, been here almost 2 weeks everything is about 80% settled here....I've still got a lot of organizing work to do in my studio but because of the time constraint I got to put that aside and start thinking about work....hmmmph!!! I'm also still not that well, still having this flu and bad cough. :( Been to the doctors for check up twice already over the past 3 weeks and still the flu and cough is there probably because I have not had enough rest. I'm really hoping that I will be better before the fasting month.

I've given it a lot of thought and decided that I can't take anymore custom made orders. Why? Because of my PC's just difficult to work if the PC starts to act up every now and then. It's easier if I just prepare the cards that I like and sell them here rather than custom make them for my's just too time consuming as well and time is something I don't have much of especially since I'm doing this all by myself. And since I am not only making cards for a living, I'm also doing other types of craft and selling them online, it's just becoming too much for me to handle.

I know a lot of people would be upset to hear this but I have no choice. I can only do what I can and this is what I can do for now. I do accept suggestions if there is something that you would like to see in my collection then I can consider making them for you BUT only at my own time. I will try to make the collection of cards here more interesting for everyone. I know I can't please everyone and I can't promise anybody anything.....what I can do is make myself happy and then perhaps it will show in my artwork..... :) makes sense??? It does to me hehehe.....

I am currently busy preparing my new card collection.....hope to post photos of them here soon! Till then!



Ms Mira Megha said…
IM WAITING... TAK SABAR... SY SGT SUKA TGOK hasil tgn awk... chantek2 semua
Grace to You said…
Good for you for taking a positive step to care for yourself! It will benefit you and your art, and you're right - it will show in your work and everyone else will benefit too. :)

Take care, my friend.
Evonne said…
Hi Lin! Thanks for dropping by at Live.Love.Craft! :) Can't wait to see your new card collection. Til then, take care & get well soon!
Sheerah said…
Hi, sorry to know that you are not well, but also glad to know you're getting better. Your works are clean and nice. Looking forward to see your collection. Take care. Gambateh~!
Azlina Abdul said…
Ms Mira....terima kasih byk2 tapi xtau lah samada awak akan suka atau x dgn my new card collections huhuhu....apa pun, kalau ada apa2 suggestions for me to improve, do write and let me know ya! Thx!

Sandi....thank you dear for always understanding me :) Appreciate it!

Evonne....thank you for the wishes!

Sheerah...thank you for the wishes and you take care too! :)

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