You are 3!


I just got this order done and it's all set to be posted to my customer. It's similar to LBL012.....but a smaller version with wordings on the front of the card.......the original has only gift boxes....I had a hard time figuring out how to do this as the card was pretty mind just went blank! So I did what I had to do.....and did the best I could to make it look pretty. :)

I am enjoying the new craft punch I got last's the shape of the sun... so cute. :) I love decorating it on the card....making it look fancy shmancy hehehe....I had them on the card, inside the card and on the back of the envelope too! I hope I didn't over do it! LOL! The gift boxes are super small and lightly decorated. This was fun! :)


SOHO Mama said…
Eventho I knew the measurements but could never imagine it..takpelah, small card for a small boy LOL!

I'm sure his mom (my sis) is gonna love this!
Azlina Abdul said…
hehehe...I hope so too! Cute card for a cute boy!:)

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