Selamat bersara En. Khairul....


Another order from my aunt's friend.....Kak An :). This card is for their colleague who will be retiring this month. He has worked at that company since's been 25 years...WOW! That's a long time to be working at the same place......such a loyal employee :).

I tried this new soft blue paper I got recently for this card design and mixed it with combination of silver, purple and white. I experimented with the ribbons and made the stripe patterns on the bottom design of the card using those 1/8 inch ribbons mixed with strips of color papers. Am loving that idea very much it saves me a lot of time cutting out the paper strips.

This card is about half the size of an A4 paper, and comes with a purple handmade envelope. There is also a white paper inserted on the inside of the card for writing on personal wishes. :)


Juhi said…
lovely card, i love the way you have used ribbons and paper strips to make the striped design, absolutely brilliant!!
Nooryati said…
nice it..
SOHO Mama said…
Lin, the colour combination of this card reminds me of a cupcake..! This card looks delicious hee lapar pulak dah i haa haa..
Azlina Abdul said…
Juhi....I hope you are inspired and give the idea a try for your own handmade cards! :)

Nooryati....thanks a lot!I love it too hehehe! :)

Millie.....the colors reminds you of cupcakes ye? hehe! Bila difikirkan, ada benarnya disitu..the stripes nampak macam the cupcake's casing and the top part macam the cupcake deco kan?? haha....ish! I pulak rasa lapar!! LOL!

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